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April 1, 2022

march diary

, March diary

March 31st Thursday

Cooler and showery,fined up in afternoon, Belinda 2, worked on wood and metal piece, M has mae most of day, I finished word of mouth and did 5 kookas on sticks, John came and worked, Ingrid and anita took down Ingrid show and set up anitas, 5 people visited, john pike came and bought combined worlds and his friend bought waiting girl, shopped for groceries, stuffed, roast for tea,watched pieces of her,bones and Anderson elementary

March 30th Wednesday

Fine and mild grey,finish off rolling sea and birdfeeder, Noel and cardi, worked ondrum stand, I did 2 peacocks, take theo from school to OT ,got wheels from recycler, back to Drouin then to country club to discuss book for bookclub, had middle eastern Lamb, mediocre, left early home stuffed,to watch adam hills and hardquiz.

March 29th Tuesday

Fine and mild grey, Belinda did 2 flowers, did letter box front, and 2 plasmacuts for Kandy, also did bird feeder base and dish, painted dog again, M looks after mae all day.zoom meeting re Walhalla sculpture, sausages for tea No Pilates as both too unenergetic from covid watched picard, unforgotten and Qi

March 28th Monday

Fine and mild, grey to begin,tidy up, only peter of the boys, tony has jury duty, M to look after mae,in afternoon, I finished bird feeder and did a bit on a second, I did a small bearing ballet dancer and a basketball ring circle bird landscape,tried to make chook food more rat proof, vacuumed and swept kitchen and most of patio, finished book waking sea of dreams, did curry and rice for tea,10 people visited some orders, watched last dopesick, wilty and unforgotten and pieces of her.

March 27th Sunday

Fine and sunny, did more on birdfeeder, cut up branches hanging over driveway and took to pile, 3 people came and then 15 Studebaker car club came,m did tidying looking for card and a bit on shares  off to Irenes memorial event at Inverloch saw grant and kids and grand kids, lots of others then came home,at least one person visited in arvo exhausted, nap sandwich tea,watched unforgotten, picard and wilty

March 26th Saturday

Fine and sunny, worked on dog head attached to body all painted started a birdfeeder No julieanne, Belinda came and worked on wire spiral.Dale came and picked up dead welder, 4 people visited, finished Chinese whispers and reading sea of unconscious dreams, did rissoles for tea, M talked to em on phone we watched first guardians of galaxy

March 25th Friday

Fine and mild, attach wood to bird seat maybe paint hearts add bird to wild garden laminate signs for small pieces ,Ross and wife came to pick up painting, Wayne and delene came to see exhibition  do more on big dog, M off to mind mae bus group 20 around 2.00 sold a few pieces about 350, Eleanor back from camp, Mae has backpack and suitcase ready to go! fish and chip tea, mediocre,watched dopesick, adam hills and bones

March 24th Thursday

Cool and grey, no Belinda 2 off to venus bay, I did 5 owls, continue with big dog, M has most of day off, no Julieanne, I went and bought 10mm rod and some 16mm from Martin steel, shopped for wood at home hardware shopped for milk and bread in Drouin, home of lunch and nap, John working in shed, painted one set of wood for bird seat, no zoom meeting, chicken roast for tea watched 2 troppo, and dora Carrington art walk, with helena bonham carter, didn’t know anything about her til then,caleb had volleyball,

March 23rd Wednesday

Cool and grey fining up, m off to mind mae while twins swim with K, I modify/ cut up jen and steve chair to suit hearts order, finished small characters, cut up 5 owl bodies and heads from pipe,Noel worked on 44 gallon drum firepit holder , different carer, started biggish dog and finished characters to stand point, painted, went and got gas from warragul solar and gas and shopped at aldi, reading Chinese whispers and living sea of waking dreams, did quesadillas for tea watched troppo , hard quiz , pieces of her and wilty

March 22nd Tuesday

Cooler and grey maybe showers later, Belinda did 2 flowers, wayne visited, M off to help with mae I finished 2 pelicans and  2 birdbaths started on small characters and mowed across rd,did snitzel and rice for tea watched dopesick, bull and picard

March 21st Monday

Fine and mild, the boys Worked on a seat and the vyce project, jim made another flower, I did small bird for wild garden piece, finished vicious circle and did parts of pelicans and 2 peacocks,as well as a dish and a base or two for birdfeeders M has morning off as mae at kinder.Jessie had drawing with dee and Geoff. Sausage rolls for tea, watched pieces of her,troppo,and  picard Qi

March 20th Sunday

Wedding anniversary, fine and sunny, work on rest of chair designs, all welded and painted, did more laminated signs and started on viscious circle, dinner at Drouin hotel, home to watch unforgotten why women kill and tate art walks with billy connelly

March 19th Saturday

Fine and sunny a bit of a breeze, do seat frames  mowed sculpture garden 12 people through sold 2 of ingrids paintings, talked to angie, 4 animals and a small piece, mowed house block , put out some new laminated signs, M to help K shoe shopping,spaghetti for tea, talked to Paddy on phone, watched last days of ptolomy grey,why women kill, and wilty

March 18th Friday

Grey and mild to begin M to take mae to dance, I finish off characters, order metal, cut up fallen branch,finish off laminating pieces for signs, felt mediocre most of day, had a couple of naps,morning tea,got lunch went and helped play/mind mae, went to longwarry to get metal home to do chicken skewers for tea watched George Michael doco, last suspicion, the adam project movie, quite good

March 17th Thursday

Grey and mild to begin, quite warm and sunny for most of day, Belinda 2, worked on piano wire piece I did a lot on 2 characters for combined worlds, still need hair and attachment and finished tank stand, busload of 20 people from probus sold 5 cards,John worked in shed, Julieanne tidied up M helped to find sculptures whose signs had faded and we printed off them in arvo, M picked up kids from school, I laminated about ½ of signs, finished reading the killing room, did Moroccan rolls for tea watched Qi, picqard,bones and killing eve

March 16th Wednesday

Showered most of night, grey and mild to start cloudy but humid all day , Noel and no Brittany,, noel worked on back of rocker, has gone home,I finished 3 dragonflies and did more on stank stand,M helps K mind kids all day, I read between morning tea and lunch, hung out washing and vacuumed, shopped for water purifier and aldi shopping then I pick up theo and take to ot,, checked in at metal recycler and shopped at coles, home for nap, did wraps for tea, watched troppo, hard quiz and adam hills

March 15th Tuesday

Mild and grey to begin showered a bit overnight,fine warm day after showers then showers again in arvo, Kids have curric day, Belinda in morning, she did 2 flowers, I did a dog and an emu and did a bit on tank and painted wild garden 2, 2 people visited , kids played outside games a lot, I help M with kids til 3 M minded kids while k had parent teacher night at primary school,not home til after 7, did chicken pasta thing for tea watched  who do you think you are liz carr, last wisting, why women kill

March 14th Monday

Long weekend Monday,Fine and mild lovely autumn colours, the boys welding working on vyce and another seat frame, I did a square kooka and tidied up started a tankstand and painted wild garden,2 people came and picked up seat , mum and daughter bought a duck and flower, Tim visited in arvo heavy showers near teatime reading the 4th sacrifice,M rang em and K and caleb, watched bones, wisting and qi

, March 13th Sunday

Fine and mild lovely autumn day, added more to wild garden first coat of paint, M to visit caleb shopped for him had 20 people through, did demos read book, rained at end of day while selling squared off kookas, power went out with big lightning strike and heavy showers, pizzas and some shopping for tea, power back watched all creatures xmas special, inventing anna and suspicion

March 12th Saturday

Fine and mild lovely autumn day, work on wild garden, bases made and 2 flowers and birdbath added,read book for part of day, rob and julie took away birdbath and small dog and 4 people visited, did fish and chips for tea, watched the Addams family movie, Caleb has Covid now, watched upload.

March 11th Friday

Fine and sunny,booked rockwiz tickets assemble kookas piece do more petals for wild garden, Minding mae after dance with M Graham duell dropped in to see exhibition,,reading book shopped did meatballs for tea watched Respect, very good bio of aretha

March 10th Thursday

Cool and grey fine mild autumn day,no Belinda 2, finish kookas piece start on wild garden,John worked in shed on fairground rides,Mawarra group visited and 2 ladies doing research for next week,I worked til 3.30, finished book firestarter M to pick up kids from school,did honey mustard chicken for tea, M talked to em and K, watched hard quiz wisting and qi

March 9th Wednesday

Cool and grey but fined up to a lovely day, no noel and Brittany, finished off heavy metal cat from yesterday, cut up 4 kookaburras from square tube and made 2 of them, M went and got milk for morning tea then went to help K, I went shopping and also for chemist tablets, still feeling bit lightheaded, had a nap put on silverside, reading book the Firestarter by Peter May,silverside and mash potatoes for tea, Caleb passed through,watched why women kill, troppo and adam hills and wilty

March 8th Tuesday

Coolish and grey, showered overnight,  worked in shed on assembling playing in the sand, scruffy bird and cutting hairstyle, then did most of julie and robs order, adjusted the combined worlds piece and did a high note and started heavymetal cat, 3 naps, did sausages and eggs for tea, watched bump last one of season, dopesick, ghastly as the pursuit of money and power leaves dying in its wake,and the girl in the window across the street etc,,maybe

March 7th Monday

Sunny and coolish, breezy, finished cast Iron, last of the enzo books, walk gracie around sculpture garden,M did shares and talked to K, I work in shed on nail bird, cut out head for axe haircut, and playing in the sand,also did 5 dragonflies, Jessie had one person at drawing,,I felt a bit weird in arvo, reading book, still isolating,did chicken curry for tea watched last janet Jackson, wisting, picard

March 6th Sunday

Misty and showery to begin, feeling a bit better, worked in shed and did plasmacut stretch and whirly bird 2,including wood, didn’t involve in opening due to Covid ( 20 people?) wrote up these two pieces and reading cast iron, potato bake for tea watched  janet Jackson 3, troppo, killing eve and Qi

March 5th Saturday

Rainy to begin then mild and grey after, did labels for pieces in gallery ,and laminated, talked to Grant, read papers,very quiet day,couple of people visited the gallery, finished Blowback had a couple of naps,did meat patties for tea, watched Janet Jackson, Picard, Bull and why women kill

March 4th Friday

Cool and grey to begin, assembled cutting edge boat and did most of real wedgetail, still heady and lethargic, read most of afternoon, quite warm did crumbed steak for tea watched Janet Jackson 1 and some people want me dead which though ok wasn’t as good or as wrapped up as the book, tried to ring Grant promising solar but he hung up! Rained overnight and early morning

March 3rd Thursday

Fine and sunny, feeling a bit mediocre, Julieanne  gardened in sculpture garden and helped tidy the gallery, I assembled seat but nothing else, lightheaded almost dizzy at times, reading Peter may book, 5 people visited turned Belinda away john worked in shed as he had had covid, talked to Ingrid re opening, M talked to K on phone, did wraps for tea Caleb dropped off extender for Ms puffer and got groceries for K too, watched the hitmans wifes bodyguard , lots of action but very cartoonish, and bones,

March 2nd Wednesday

Grey and mild, warmed up in arvo still feeling mediocre, I tested positive for covid today, assembled rest of seat and painted wood and metal, did small piece cutting edge boat design, reading a fair bit being up and down with temperature and enthusiasm. Same with M, who did talk to dave. Roast for tea, caleb dropped off food, watched troppo and suspicion, adam hills and hard quiz

March 1st Tuesday

Grey and mild,no rain here though, lots in Melb,  Belinda  did 2 flowers, did frame and images for farm seat M has covid   and I probably have it, worked until 11.00 then up for food and nap read most of afternoon ad I felt light headed and sore legs, did sausage rolls for tea, rang kids, and Internet was out due to heavy rains in Melbourne, reading black light blue restless night with body temp changes

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