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September 30, 2022

September diary

September diary

Sept 30th Friday

Cool and grey, showers? M to take mae to speech, I work on gates all done, mowed sculpture garden,4 people visited shopped did fettuchini for tea, watched Ariana grande doco,bones, ,rings of power and she hulk

Sept 29th Thursday

Fine and sunny, mild, wayne to put up exhibition, M to take mae to speech then captured for the day, I worked on gate design one gate on the way other started,about 12 people here several kids did demos of plasma cutting, tired after lunch, a bit light headed,nap added waynes exhibition to website,did kievs for tea watched Take 5 with keith urban,kleo and bones

Sept 28th Wednesday

Grey and mild, birthday, Noel worked on caravan, I did 2 dragonflies assembled, started new bird body and did extra dish for birdfeeder, kids for morning,get metal for big gates, Adam drops off bus, bookclub dinner at golf club, just Lynne, Jutta and us, home to watch andor, adam hills and bad sisters

Sept 27th Tuesday

Grey and mild showers up higher, Belinda,did 2 flowers, I finish gates and start new bird did one junk wing,then off to get metal from longwarry and shopping, home to lunch then made biscuit cake, 4 people visited, Robyn took down exhibition,m went and took kids to park with k, Eleanor not confident on a bike yet did wraps for tea, out to pilates, home to the good fight and qi.

Sept 26th Monday

Possible showers, grey, mild, the boys only peter working on drum,I tidy up and start Robyns gates mostly finished, Ian and mum and girl picks up sculpture, visited made a hose holder for her.shopped for groceries and gate furniture,M took em back and had lunch with caleb, home latish, meat patties for tea, watched silent witness and rings of power,

Sept 25th Sunday

Fine and mild, worked on small characters, 2 tree huggers finished and long tall sally, 8 people through, did a bit of moving bits in pile,fish and chip tea, watched andor,spicks and specks

Sept 24th Saturday

Mild and grey,fined up to nice day, M and em cleaned up patio area at side of house, cleaned seats too, I finished magpie , put eyes in magpie, and paint,started 4 small characters, did a bit more on pile, grand final day, swans vs geelong,geelong demolished them Julieanne gardened back garden behind path, watched grandfinal did sausages for tea, watched cook of castelmar, bones, wilty

Sept 23rd Friday

Mild and grey showers? Holiday for grand final parade, finish legs on magpie and clean up, stephen and Kristen and em for lunch at caf., shopped,Trish and Lois Cairncross in afternoon, 6 people visited, did chicken pieces for tea watched Creedence doco then die hard 4

Sept 22nd Thursday

Fine and sunny, holiday for queens passing, start legs for magpie, clean up pile a bit more, mow sculpture garden, was expecting people for lunch but wrong day, 6 people visited, couple came and collected tap and die set and Chilean and metal,finished dune, Caleb dropped ralph off, did pasta bake for tea, watched take 5 , metal show and artic secrets, then bad sisters and mr mercedes

Sept 21st Wednesday

Fine and grey,cleared up Noel finished caravan,I Worked on magpie second side mostly finished cut up a wheel for two bases, shopped for seed, empty metal bin, got a wheel, angle grinding discs, aldi, coles, dropped off book to K, 2 people visited M helped with swimming, then with Mae and K to Pakenham, home, lamb cutlets for tea, watched cook of cashelmara,making fun and the good fight

Sept 20th Tuesday

Fine and sunny Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks,added wood to leaf piece ,start on magpie ½ done, 6 people visited, got mower back mowed house block M off with Mae from lunchtime in park at longwarry, gozleme for tea pilates, watched bones and adam hills

Sept 19th Monday

Cool and grey, M to have kids over,M tidied lounge room. the boys arrived same time kids did,1 visitor  tony still crook, worked on big catch,star vase and blue vase,played with kids til 3.00,M took them back did rissoles for tea, watched spicks and specks and silent witness and cats

Sept 18th Sunday

Cool and showery, worked on leaf piece, all on stand and one coat of paint, started on bumpervase, robyn to paint in arvo 6 people visited, fish and chip tea, watched thor love and thunder, fun and silly

Sept 17th Saturday

Fine and sunny showered by end of day, finished robyns chair , start leaf piece, all leaf done, did ians table top, painted robyns wood,M talked to fiona and Stephen, 2 people visited, 2 naps a bit bruised from yesterday, did chicken curry for tea watched uncharted( entertaining) and vera

Sept 16th Friday

Last day of term, fine and sunny, M starts a bit later, was going to look after mae all day but mae crook too, I put together last 3 kookas and do large junk face, more on Robyns chair, mowed a bit of sculpture garden, mower and me fell off trailer as I took it in for repair, ( steering) 5 people visited, bought paint and stuff at bunnings, M picked up Theo, home to nap, did chicken skewers for tea, watched rings of power, a league of their own, both excellent and then a night with steve martin and martin short.. dreadful

Sept 15th Thursday

Fine and grey , rained overnight, M taking care of mae all day, I do rev head and some of Robyns chair another vase with scales and cut out 6 kookas on sticks, 3 done, Wayne and delene visited went to get metal at longwarry, and tablets and to pick up theo marian already there, home to nap, did sausages for tea watched kleo and mr Mercedes and our coast

Sept 14th Wednesday

Fine and sunny glorious, M has day off as mae,K and Eleanor all have bug, and david eventually, Noel worked on caravan, I cut out 13 flowers, did last chook, a small horseshoe vase, 8 people visited mowed sculpture garden did fish for tea watched bad sisters, bones,

Sept 13th Tuesday

Grey and mild, sunny? Belinda did 2 flowers and put spiral piece on a stick, I did a rooster and 5 chickens, Robyn had 3 people visit, M minds mae who is now sick all day,as well as Eleanor and K coming down with it, I visited in arvo after getting colourbond and aldi shopping, did sausage wraps for tea , pilates M rang em, watched the good fight and wilty

Sept 12th Monday

Grey and cool,  showers, M has morning off, the boys was only peter working on his drum roller and weathervane, 2 people visited ,I assembled chair, did 4 kookas started bumpervases and also runners,moved edge of pile back  worked til 3, lit fire and finished book( her fathers daughter) did small steak for tea, watched rings of power and silent witness, M talked to k

Sept 11th Sunday

Grey and cool, M to drive em back, via lunch with caleb, I had 10 people through,finished painting chair and wood, did family group of small boxes, on legs, then semi detached , cut up kookas for tomorrow, talked to robyn who was here from 1 to 3,did chowmien on toast for tea, watched Dune( excellent) and then wilty

Sept 10th Saturday

Grey and showery, mild then cold, worked on seat all together and painted once back, went and bought wood for two seats, M went shopping with em, did 20 flowers in arvo, 6 visitors, people bought 2 of robyns paintings, and 2 small pieces and also tap and die set and a few cat, frog and flowers,did chow mein for tea, watched vera and cats and Qi

Sept 9th Friday

Grey and mild, Queen dies, do a bit on seat back then go to Drouin to take theo to bourke st park, shop at aldi, mind theo til 12 M minds mae at dance and speech, I drop off ians board, too big,  pick up em,drive home via Belgrave, did spaghetti for tea watched alladin and bones and Qi

Sept 8th Thursday

Grey and mild, showers, Julieanne to garden,M has day off except for making cake for theo birthday, I add to seat back, Andrew came and picked up seats and flowers and some small pieces, staf came and bought mobile homes, I went and talked to Wayne and Delene, picked up kids from school and went to ks for theos birthday mini party, home to do meat patties Caleb for tea then to volleyball, we watched a league of their own, young Wallander and a bit of qi

Sept 7th Wednesday

Fine and grey then lovely warm sunny day,M has swimming with mae, 3 people visited,  Noel still working on caravan,I did 5 ½ small projects, plane plane, star bird, leaving the nest, star catcher, fred’s elephant and part of a small batch of box birds, lunch nap,mowed nature strip,wrote up 4 pieces, curry for tea,watched cats,young Wallander,wpc  Em upset about change in allotment at school

Sept 6th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, M has mae all day. Belinda did 2 flowers on stems and a swirl I work on 2 birds and a dog and a bird circle, mow bit more sculpture garden, pick up theo take to speech not on quick shop, wrap tea, pilates then watched young Wallander and cats who do you think you are

Sept 5th Monday

Fine and mild, heart echo 8.15, drop in sample to dorevitch, the boys was only peter for a very short while, ,finished a dog and did a rooster and a bird,mowed house block and a bit of sculpture garden. M has morning off but has to pick up mae, roast dinner.watched young Wallander,big fat quiz and making fun stuff for kids

Sept 4th Sunday

Grey and fine,cold at times ,fathers day,  did 4 dogs and 1 seat frame and ½ a rooster about 15 visitors, robyn demonstrated did steak for tea jeff and jeanette dropped in, her father had died, watched  spicks and specks, bones and  bad sisters

Sept 3rd Saturday

Mums birthday, grey and fine up and down temp and showers, paint things again put out signs and laminated ,did emu also freefalling pieces, bought 2 sets of welding rods and discs, had 10 visitors, Not Minding kids in evening for K wedding anniv Pizza tea, M talked to em, watched rings of power and ever after.

Sept 2nd  Friday

Grey and fine, M minds mae all day I help in arvo, repainted bird rider and wheel of industry, finished umbrella girl and new house of stars, did 3 frogs,lunch went and did bloods then to pick up kids after seeing m with sick resting mae, home did enchiladas for tea watched music you tube and first episode of rings of power and young Wallander series 2 and cats

Sept 1st. Thursday

Grey and fine, Julianne to garden, started to renew pieces brought back from meeniyan but had a brownout with minimum power,had lunch with sue and M at Vietnamese place in Drouin, ok,vacuumed, M has day off took big ginge in to have put down had chicken sandwich for tea watched Qi and promising young woman dark

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