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January 31, 2022

work done 2022

March work

Big pieces: 3 kookas on a pole

Small pieces affection, star material and flower, vicious circle, tank stand, squared off kooka, heavy metal cat, playing in the sand ,scruffy bird cutting edge hairstyle, cutting edge boat design, high note, whirlybird 2, stretch, , real wedgetail, basketball hoop bird, ballet dancer, on the rolling sea, word of mouth

Garden art  5 bird feeder, 5 owls,2 pelicans, 4 peacocks,3 dragonflies, 5 small dragonflies 1 dog, 1 emu, 5 kookas on sticks

Furniture: heart and bird seat

Orders tall bird feeder big junk dog, 2 heart seats,rob and julies birdbath, wild garden combined worlds farm seat,, kandys 2 plasmacuts, letterbox front panel

February work

Big pieces

Little pieces; 3 bird on log pieces, Helicopter, end of the line, 2 hells golfers pieces, modern beauty, weight watchers, overfeeding the cat and genetic mutation

Garden art 3 birdfeeders, spade echidna,

Orders :smaller combined worlds, big square with round hole, big circle with square hole, Dent dragon seat, bee weathervane ,jungle flowers started, 2 scout trophies

Furniture: 2 flower seat,

January Work

Big pieces: Pod, mechanism,

Little pieces, road warriors, road warrior resting,the organist, bird on a log, butterfly flight, pushing your luck, 2 snails,cut out cat,rugged up girl, bird and cloud, 2 small liquid ambar boxes,juggler in the mix, single cup teapot, scrap teapot,island, rainbow slide, swirl girl,bubble catcher, 3 rock and tube and flower pieces

Garden art  5 chooks,  7 ducks, 34 flowers 9 jewel dragonflies, 9 kookas, 9 kookas on sticks,1 owl, 1 owl on a stick,2 peacock, 2 pelican

Orders dog letter box, grandpas stuff,ccl seat,single bench seat, start on ursulars circle

Laurie Collins

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