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August 1, 2023

July Diary

July diary

July 31st Monday

Fine and breezy, play with mae, take her to phoebe, and tumblegym, home here then back to Drouin did meatballs and pasta for tea,added to graces exhibition including video, watched mf, good omens

July 30th  Sunday

Fine and sunny, breezy, go get paper, 2 small buses visited( 5 adults) work on ball ,ball now attached to stand, fish and chip tea, watched home, bay of fires and MF, good omens

July 29th Saturday

Fine and sunny, mild, paper, dog park, work on ball did 5 segments of 8, talked to grace re exhibition, family group visited(2) and Jessie and tara, nap, did chow mein for tea, watched 2 episodes of deadloch,and mf , M talked to em.

July 28th Friday

Rained overnight, grey and mild, fined up nicely Take mae to dance, back here for lunch and play, take mae back to Drouin, shop, did apricot chicken for tea,mediocre, watched Limbo the movie and MF

July 27th Thursday

Fine and sunny, did write ups for small pieces ,help grace put up show, finished last birdfeeder,enjoyed the sun, did spaghetti for tea, watched 10 pictures Robin Williams, MF and hijack and Qi

July 26th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, took adam to work class,picked up crutches, home, tidied, back to dr, home to lunch, I took down peters paintings, writers group here,Grace visited, shopped picked up kids from school, took theo to music, then back to Drouin, picked up adam, slowcooker tea watched new leash on life MF and Utopia

July 25th Tuesday

Cool and misty, Belinda did 2 flowers, I started work on ball and assembled the 2 birdfeeders, take adam to job seek and shop, M minds kids at end of day sausages in wraps for tea, Pilates, Marians leg hurt badly, torn cartilege ( before pilates) watched MF and the americans, and wilty

July 24th Monday

Cool and fine, The boys did another kookaburra and worked on sculpture and grinder stand, I cut off tops of wheels and put new tops on and bottoms in bases, also did frame of ball for sculpture, Interview with Karen, Mowed a bit after lunch, nap, did chicken wrapped with bacon, watched MF,Grand designs and Lincoln lawyer

July 23rd Sunday

Cool and fine, saw Kylie and Leanne Ronalds, paper ,community park sort out some of pile Peter walker and sophie visited Kylie Leanne, Glenn, and 4 kids visited, tired in afternoon finished Birnam wood, adam did Japanese curry for tea, watched the americans,

July 22nd Saturday

Cool and clear, sunny, M did stocks and shares,  Paper, dog park assemble sunflower, finish vase with screws, cut up more wood and metal, turn center for sunflower, did seafood marinara for tea, watched MF, searching for Italy, and queen of australia

July 21st Friday

Cool maybe showers, paint more on lollypop lady, painted sun form and made leaves, begin second base made from old tractor linkage, cut up stuff, did an emu and started a mesh vase, cold,M minded mae all day I went and helped from 2.30 with some shopping, playing with mae and home with a bought chook for tea, watched miss americana, MF, the Lincoln lawyer

July 20th Thursday

Fine and cool, cold too,put out ripples , 6 people visited, I worked on base for new sculpture and painted lollypop lady, cut up flowers, made triangular vase, reading birnam wood, M worked on shares, shopped at bunnings and metal recycler and aldi, took adam to centerlink, did skinless sausages for tea, watched deadloch,grand designs young Sheldon and MF showers overnight

July 19th Wednesday

Fine and cool, painted ripples again and did sea urchin vase and most of lollypop lady, picked up kids from school and took theo to music, shopped briefly, Adam did tea gyoza, watched utopia, hijack and MF

July 18th Tuesday

Fine and sunny to begin then cold and showery, Belinda did 2 flowers, Wayne dropped in,  I cut up another piece of farm machinery did base for big piece and finished welding  and 1 coat of paint concentric/ripples M looked after kids after school after working on shares all day, did wraps for tea Pilates mat class, home to watch Lincoln lawyer and MF and adam hills

July 17th Monday

Fine and sunny, the boys,did sculpture birds and another cut off mechanism, I finish with stones on girl and clean up edges, do other side of circle form welding,M to mind mae all day, Booba has the flu, meat patties for tea watched bones , qi and MF

July 16th Sunday

Fine and sunny, paper, brief shop, community park, work on circle form ,add stones to girl and attach mesh to second side,2 people visited, started cutting up heavy farm implement in pile,adam finished putting up all the fence, did ravioli for tea watched a prairie home companion joke show, and MF

July 15th Saturday

Mild and grey, paper, dog park shopping bought white stones , 7 people  visited  cut up more pieces from pile, work on character and started circle forms most of one side done, did hamburgers for tea, watched hijack,qi and MF

July 14th Friday

Mild and grey, Julieanne gardened, tidied pile,  I unload car and cut mesh for second side of character,  M to mind mae in morning, I take adam to job seek, M takes me to Berwick for meeting with Dr. have a 3 month reprieve before they decide what sort of treatment I need , Adam does salmon for tea watched King Richard about the Williams sisters and MF, Dylan Stock rang up to say hello.

July 13th Thursday

Mild and grey, M minds mae in morning, I put mesh and panels on character, 2 people visited ,shop for discs and metal, did silver side for tea, watched secret invasion, Lincoln lawyer and Qi and MF

July 12th Wednesday

Mild and grey, M shops and dentist , Noel worked on plant stand and helped disassemble old compressor , writing group here, M had dental appt, I finish axeman and fun time and start on one characters for orders, I deliver pond cover, take adam to shop,take Eleanor and theo home then picked up adam as theo didn’t have music. Did tuna casserole for tea, watched MF utopia Qi and adam hills,

July 11th Tuesday

Mild and grey, Belinda did 2 flowers, I worked on axeman and also party girl, read in arvo finished rubicon, M minds kids at end of day ,I did wraps for tea Pilates bed class, watched MF, gruen and Qi.

July 10th Monday

Cool and grey,M minded mae all day, the boys  worked on electric bike, sculpture , I work on pond cover and got second half done, started on character for axe man, shopped in Drouin, , I cooked steak wrapped in bacon, watched QI,bones and MF

July 9th Sunday

Cool and breezy,walked dog at Robinhood reserve and saw peter Edwards, moved ball and barrow of leaves, tidied gallery finished 1 ½ of pond cover, opening for peter Saunders about 40 people, did spanakopita for tea watched young Sheldon, Deadloch and MF

July 8th Saturday

Cool and showery, got paper, shopping, walk dog, work on train piece and add to pond cover part done, did spaghetti for tea , watched Qi,grand designs and MF

July 7th Friday

Cool and possible showers, breezy, work on waiting on a train and cut up wood,Phil and annie called in to buy 2 more books, I deliver pond cover, wasn’t accepted, needs more work, nap, did sausages for tea had to go and mind kids as Faye needed Ks help, home to watch hijack and Qi

July 6th  Thursday

Fine and mild,lovely winters day,  No power, took adam to Drouin, walked dog, went to Tarra warra and saw exhibition, lunch at bakery, home, nap, made zucchini slice and apple flowers for tea watched Qi, utopia, Mf and adam hills

July 5th Wednesday

Cloudy and misty, no Noel, work on pond cover all done, tidied gallery, adam applied for a job, quiche for tea, watched a man called otto for book group film night, Lois, Barb, Lyn, Sue, Us ,Tim, Natalie

July 4th Tuesday

Fine and cloudy, off to Pakenham for appt then Berwick for scan went to bunjil place, impressive, home Adam had put up the two finished panels and was working on the third, he did a shepherds pie for tea, Caleb dropped by to show me how to use the data projector for tv, Pilates, watched bones MF

July 3rd Monday

Fine and clear,The boys worked on sculpture and side car, I made a striped cat and a girl in a hurry as well as starting another piece using screws etc, M to help K take kids swimming at Traralgon, made sausage rolls for tea and chocolate biscuits, watched silent witness, Qi and MF

July 2nd Sunday

Cool and fine, paper dog park added into tax for last FY did more sorting of pile, did a small mouse,finished painting first panel of fence, 9 visitors sold a few things,did slowcooker casserole for tea added a bit to website,watched Deadloch, Qi, and MF

July 1st Saturday

Cool and showers, pick up paper, work on small pieces, finished anonymouse and week at the knees, 2 visitors Adam started cleaning down and painting a panel of the fence, M and em finished pantry sorting and did cleaning, M got fish and chips for tea, watched 2 qi and the portable door

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