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November 30, 2023

November diary

November diary

Nov 30th Thursday

Showery M did bills and shares, I did ¾ of horseman for horse, several naps, tired, Last group came and picked up exhibition, paid them, Yvette and Geoff set up yvettes exhibition, did spanakopita for tea  watched last lessons in chemistry and also slow hoses and Bill baileys wild west Australia

Nov 29th Wednesday

Rainy, rained ½ night, noel and rob worked on owl, M goes to mind mae and physio , writers group here, I did 2 dogs and 2 birds and 11 flowers, took theo to fiddlesticks, shopped ,did steak for tea, watched last scrublands and bones and mf

Nov 28th Tuesday

Fine and cloudy, Belinda did 2 flowers I did 2 pelicans and 2 dogs, reading children of dune and my brother jack, M goes to help kids at end of day and takes adam to shops, did silverside patties for tea, watched scrublands and Annika and MF

Nov 27th Monday

Cool and showery, M off to help mae, the boys worked on book ends and hose holder , make drs appt re shingles, work on 2 birds, bought metal at Longwarry home to see 2 people who wanted 2 dogs, Steve and Gillian Vanyai wanted a small job done, reset I pad,.Adam does japanes curry tea, Paul put up new sign and 2 people bought Oh watched scrublands, young sheldon and great Australian walks

Nov 26th Sunday

Cloudy and showery, cool, paper, dog walk, home to cover horse parts all done and mostly ground,,M to help with Mae and Eleanor dance concert, over 7000 steps she walked, I did silverside for tea and watched last bodies, cats countdown and MF

Nov 25th Saturday

Cloudy and muggy, took adam to work, paper, dog walk, started on rider all of horse bits bent and welded to shape,rained at night,made golden rissoles for tea watched bodies and great Australian walks picked up caleb  from wedding.

Nov 24th Friday

Fine and mild cloudy, m minds Eleanor all day, I start on assembling Judes pieces, no Julieanne to garden  Lady from foster came and took 14 pieces to their gallery, Mena said she had sold bulb and ballet dancer and a pelican went and played with Mae after lunch 4 visitors, shopped sausages for tea watched scrublands and vanished Melbourne went and picked up caleb from Parnassus, rained heavily for much of the evening.

Nov 23rd Thursday

Fine and sunny, M went to sarinas mums funeral, I went to bunnings and bought cutoff wheels and paint, picked up rusty metal from sues, home to finish off golfer and mowed most of sculpture garden, did crispy Chinese chicken for tea adm participated, watched Fargo, last of spice trail and bodies and mf

Nov 22nd Wednesday

Cool and misty, M minding Eleanor all day, No Noel and rob, Writers group writing,  finished village, swords to ploughshares, and other small pieces, mowed across rd, Jude visited and reminded me of her order,,M to mind Eleanor all day did Mexican lasagna for tea watched last two bosch and Loki

Nov 21st Tuesday

Cool and misty fined up at end of day, Belinda did 2 flowers I did spiderman and part of sure footed teapot and village, M minded Eleanor all day Dropped off sign at special school, I went to get Ipad and computer fixed, I pad was full so bought new I pad, spent part of time getting it going, did snitzel burgers for tea Pilates, shopped, brought adam back from art group, watched MF

Nov 20th Monday

Cool and misty, Kids have curric day Eleanor has tonsilitis, I made girl in the see thru dress, M to mind kids til 11 I take over and then take theo to pen pals bring back, M takes mae to tumblegym and phoebe, and prepares her for gumnuts did slow cooker beef stew for tea, watched bodies and young Sheldon and loki

Nov 19th Sunday

Cool to begin cleared about 12 Adam worked at caf,M did 4 loads of washing  I worked on golfing character body head and top arms are on, Cory came and picked up dog, 2 visitors, did fish and chip tea , also beef stew for tomorrow, watched bodies and Annika

Nov 18th Saturday

Cool and mild, adam to work at caf, papers, shopped and dog park, start on golf figure for order,2 visitors, cory came out and asked for a dog, made that over afternoon, did for tea, watched quiz lady, basically ok.

Nov 17th Friday

Cool and mild, finished goat and sign for special school also engine, and figure and base for time machine, started figures, 2 people visited M off all day helping K with Mae, Adam to court in wonthaggi, did bacon wrapped steak from butchers for tea watched bosch and bodies and MF

Nov 16th Thursday

Cool and mild, M helped K in morning and at end of day, shopped for flap discs and basic shopping, Uta and Tim visiting, worked on goat mostly finished, Means hubby came and got bulb and ballerina, some problem with hydraulics, had leftovers for tea with adam, watched bosch, MF and

Nov 15th Wednesday

Cool to begin ends up fine and sunny, Noel and rob work on pelican, I started goat and added to engine, Mena came to pick up sculptures, Vaughn Bransgrove called in for a chat, nap, did tuna noodles for tea M minded theo all day after bullying incident, watched last Sherwood, spice trail, bones and mf

Nov 14th Tuesday

Fine and cool, M takes kids to school, Belinda did 2 flowers, small bus group (10)  finished main parts of sign, started on engine, M picked up kids from school ran to Drouin for shopping did lasagna no adam, watched Sherwood, MF and young sheldon

Nov 13th Monday

Fine and cool, M off to mind mae all day has to do photo stuff with girls at end of day a very busy day for her, 2 people visited I have the boys and work a bit on the big sign, still a bit flat.all sign back done and front of sign drawn out and started cutting out, did snitzel for tea no adam, watched bodies, bones and mf

Nov 12th Sunday

Fine and mild coolish,feeling a bit flat, deliver order to warragul and get paper, tidy gallery for opening 30 people at opening, fine day had by all, had vegeburgers for tea watched guardians of the galaxy 1

Nov 11th Saturday

Fine and warm to begin then cool day then mild, paper and dog walk, feeling a bit off sorts 2 people visited and ordered a character and mailbox, reading the great war  naps mowed much of sculpture garden M to Pakenham shopping, quiet afternoon, did skewers for tea  with salad, watched Bosch, cats  countdown and MF

Nov 10th Friday

Cool and foggy to begin hot, M takes mae to dance then back here, Julieanne gardens, I assemble parts of sign, finished big ugly vase, play with Mae , went to dr I now have shingles, shop Adam camping over weekend fish and chip tea watched mf, Annika, Young sheldon

Nov 9th Thursday

Cooler and misty, worked on back of sign,2 small bus groups,(7 )oldies and kids so no sales,Took adam to Drouin, send out email for exhibition, did a couple of write ups, Talked to stef,  Adam does tea watched bodies, Bosch MF

Nov 8th Wednesday

Fine and sunny hot, Noel and Rob did birdfeeder, I finished owl, assembled small pieces,started on second side of back of sign, Writers group, naps, took flag and money to helens saw alice too, took theo to music picked up wheels from recycler, shopped and bought chicken for tea, watched Annika, MF and young Sheldon, and Joanna Lumley spice trail

Nov 7th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, public holiday cup day, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did bird house and most of heavy metal rocker, did chicken mince for tea in wraps Pilates, shopped watched MF and Sherwood

Nov 6th Monday

Fine and sunny M has kids all day due to holiday, K at work, taking them swimming, The boys, I work on back of big piece, started on owl and helped M after 11. M took kids back did seafood pasta for tea, watched Annika,and mf and lessons in chemistry

Nov 5th Sunday

Fine and sunny, open studios 40 people through sold 550 over weekend, a few orders, Bluetongue visitor attacked by crows, mowed a bit in morning, Pizza tea watched MF, young Sheldon and

Nov 4th Saturday

Fine and mild cloudy, Open studios, Paper, take adam to work, Jindi market,start on new big piece, 50 people through sold some work, tired did fish and chip tea watched dark winds,MF

Nov 3rd Friday

Fine and mild cloudy, M to mind mae take to dance back here, I do a bit more mowing and a bit in shed,Took adam to work, did survivor and 2 small overdressed echidnas picked up theo as Eleanor was riding home with david,shopped in arvo,dropped in to see sue,also picked up flag for open studios from Sue A, did sausages and peanut noodles for tea, watched Sherwood Young Sheldon Bosch legacy and MF

November 2nd Thursday

Fine and mild, updated website a bit, did heart thing, going to pick up metal at martins M has physio at 9 and hairdresser at 1.00,adam worked at caf,  added to vase form and mowed part of sculpture garden and house block, flat tyre fixed by Drouin mowers, made Greek chicken in arvo, nap.watched Joanna Lumley spice trail,adam hills

November 1st Wednesday

Fine and cool, Noel and rob worked on rooster planter finished, I worked on ball vase made with offcuts, bout ½ done, mowed across rd Writers group here, shopped in afternoon for 2 shirts for work, picked up theo and took him to music, back to Royal Hotel for book club, bit of a muddle but all ok, left early watched mf

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