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September 11, 2023

August diary

August Diary

Aug 31st Thursday

Mild and clear, worked on updating diary and work done, Hooked, more painting on yinyang,started hooked 2,contrast,and river girl did chicken garlic for tea watched

Aug 30th Wednesday

Mild with showers, Kathleeen for surgical procedure, Noel did more on seat, I finished off welding yin and yang and also assembled small cutout cat, writers group including adam and grace, finished lowbridge,ok eventually, started a knights book,grace to take down exhibition,  picked up kids, took theo to music,about 3 ratty boys doing crap, reclaimed trye from tyre place,shopped briefly, Adam made spaghetti, watched Ashoka,justified wilty and MF

Aug 29th Tuesday

Fine and mild showers Belinda did 2 flowers, Wayne visited, I did second side of yin yang and added extra frame around it, ½ of frame done, did cornflake biscuits , soup and bread for tea Adam to art group Pilates mat class,watched wilty and mf

Aug 28th Monday

Fine and mild chased mae flat tyre, to warragul to get tyre done played in park til phoebe, tumble gym then home here took adam to warragul and left him there, and mae to boobas, shopped did chaing rai noodles into burgers and had rissoles for tea, Adam to juijitsu, watched wilty, mf,bones

and Aug 27th Sunday

Fine and cool, paper and walk dog,worked on yin yang and one side done,reading lowbridge, did zucchini pie for tea mucked it up but still worked, watched vera and mf

Aug 26th Saturday

Fine and cool, took dog  to dog park ,paper,shopped, home to assemble silverbird 2, and bureaucratic angel, and did rest of happy dance, Belinda Coldabella came and visited, Grace also and about 8 of graces friends, 3 others ,sold creature and .. quiet afternoon did salmon for tea watched Ashoka 2 episodes MF

Aug 25th Friday

Fine and sunny, like spring, to Drouin to take mae to dance, Theo and Eleanor home due to curric day, back to Drouin to pick them up to take all kids home to Jindi, Adam off with Grace to visit Mara, played with kids took them home at 3.30, shopped did beef noodles thing, watched who is girl on Netflix and then together movie.

Aug 24th Thursday

Fine and mild, fasting for blood test, finished spook st, started lowbridge, did some write ups for projects, blood test then home did silverbird circle added a bit more to angel and did a dog, 3 people visited sold some flowers, kookaburra, organist and Kraken, adam mowed the sculpture garden, Joan dropped in, I started revamping gate girl, skewers and pasta for tea

Aug 23rd Wednesday

Fine and mild, Noel worked on seat I started bureaucratic angel over ½ done, nap then off to pick up kids, took theo to music, shopped, home to do fish and chip tea watched justified Qi and MF

Aug 22nd Tuesday

Fine and mild rained later, Belinda did 2 flowers, work on 2 pelicans and a cow, reading the promise, finished and reading slow horses 5, 10 people visited by walking down the road, adam did soup for tea took him to art group, Pilates, shopped, home to watch MF .

Aug 21st Monday

Fine and mild, taking mae to phoebe and Tumble gym, The boys work by themselves, aldi shop, back here after 12.00 play and talk to the whelans, Grace and friends,(2)  Joan took adam into see vets re ruby, take mae home did savory mince on toast, watched home, bones and MF

Aug 20th Sunday

Grey and cool but better than yesterday fined up later, worked on 2 plasmacuts Pauline and little black number, Kylie Ronalds and Beatrice and Rosie dropped in, tidied shed for tomorrow, did snitzel for tea and watched the last Vermeer and MF Aug 19th Saturday

Cool and showery ,walk dog pick up papers work on smallish pieces, did 2 vases, one using offcut circle tube and the other using a right angled farming piece with white stones and mesh. Adam and grace painting in gallery, Joan dropped in to say hello,Adam to do curry for tea watched something about Mary and MF

Aug 18th Friday

Cool and showery, off to Drouin to take mae to dance, played with mae, Rodney and Geoff came out to pick up bowerbird sculpture, lunch here back to Drouin to pick up kids and take all home, shopped, did spaghetti for tea, watched justified, the beanie bubble movie and MF

Aug 17th Thursday

Fine and sunny then cooler, Mowed sculpture garden, finished dog, talked to Sue who is back from Shetland, took it quietly, Grace brought Britt to see show, did skinless sausages for tea watched MF and adam hills and hard quiz and the beast must die

Aug 16th Wednesday

Fine and sunny Noel  worked on seat back, I do 2 peacocks 2 chooks and ½ dog Shopped ,Pick up kids from school, Theo to music, home to do lamb patties adam had a late lunch, watched matildas match with England, watched home

Aug 15th  Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers I did 3 dogs, up to house to tidy up for paddy and Lyn, Wayne came to visit, Paddy and Lyn in afternoon on their way to babysit at Rosebud for Alex, Adam did soup for tea took him to art group, I went to Pilates, Picked up adam shopped at supermarket home and straight to bed.

Aug 14th Monday

Cool and greyish, fined up,The boys worked by themselves, 10 visitors mae to phoebe shopped at bunnings and Umart then to tumble gym,then home here,played outside and M played with her too, worn out by chasing kid all day Took M to appt to discuss MRI, back to boobas shopped briefly Did leg of lamb for tea in slowcooker  Adam off to do Jui Jitsu with Grace, ,watched Qi and Justified and MF rained overnight

Aug 13th Sunday

Cool and greyish, fine periods, paper ,dog walk ,work on character and dog,  dog finished and character all together on stand, took most of day, Adam went for a big walk with Joan, pie for tea watched kill the beast and bones and MF

Aug 12th Saturday

Cool and greyish, grace brought family members (4) I got papers, dog walk, worked on man character all welded and mesh attached to one side and back covering, cut out mesh for front ,started dog, reading Adam did chops for tea, watched the matildas match against France, Heart of stone and M talked to Kathleen about MRI results,

Aug 11th Friday

Cool and grey day, went to get mae who doesn’t have dance today, K has PT day until 12ish Played with Mae, Julieanne gardened, took M to MRI saw sam, Adam drawing with Grace and tara on verandah, Bought metal sheet for character, reading migrations, shop for basics , fish and chip for tea watched last two episodes of the Lincoln Lawyer and Mf

Aug 10th Thursday

Rained overnight, showery,Adam off for court and then dentist, I have a drs appt to renew prescriptions, 9.00, small shop, home to start on 2nd character,all frame tacked together, quiet afternoon did curried sausages for tea, watched home, justified primeval,mf and hard quiz

Aug 9th Wednesday

Fine and clear, sunny and lovely day, Noel worked on seat frame, cut out car design for back, assemble 4 kookas, repaint my world,mowed across rd and up on nature strip, 2 people in writers group here, pick up theo at end of day( Eleanor sick) and take theo to music started on violin, green curry for tea , watched Lincoln lawyer and last good omens,and utopia

Aug 8th Tuesday

Fine and clear sunny and lovely day, Adam went swimming and had job interview, Belinda did 2 flowers, I finished my world, cut out pieces for Kookas, mower wouldn’t start so bought battery charger, mowed most of house block, Adam did soup for tea, Pilates small shop, watched adam hills

Aug 7th Monday

Fine and clear, minding mae, phoebe, and tumblegym, back here then deliver to home, got wheels at metal recycler, read book in sun played with mae ,she ran around sculpture garden, grace and friend here, did spanakopita for tea, watched Lincoln lawyer and mf

Aug 6th Sunday

Cool and clear, did heart thing, Grace has opening today helped tidy up 40 people, saw Jo and had a talk in morning, jesse and joan, Russell ,pizza for tea,watched bay of fires, bones,

Aug 5th Saturday

Cool , did 20 flowers, cut up kooka bodies and started a smallish ring piece,took adam and dog to vet, small shop, did rissoles for tea, watched Justified primeval, the Lincoln lawyer and mf

Aug 4th Friday

Fine and sunny to start, breezy, play with mae, take her to dance, back here after getting pies, pick up kids and take home shop, adam did curry for tea watched guardians of the galaxy 3

Aug 3rd Thursday

Fine and sunny, put hose holder on house, painted flower mechanics again, put girl on stand, started on bowerbird, Helen came and got stuff for meeniyan, get metal, shopped and took adam to Drouin, did sausage rolls for tea, watched last Hijack, Qi

Aug 2nd Wednesday

Fine and sunny, no noel, laminated graces titles and put up in gallery Writers group (5) including grace, I worked on flower mechanics and all assembled and 1 coat of paint, sat in sun, picked up kids from school, took theo to music, back to Drouin back to Jindi to see M is ok, Adam to help her with tea, bookclub at la passionate, discussing birnam wood,home to watch adam hills and mf

Aug 1st Tuesday

Cool and misty, showers and drizzle, cleared up later, Belinda did 2 flowers, worried about her dad coming operation, M rested after a restless night, I worked on Tower and added the big chains and ladders, sent out email for exhibition and added to website, No sighting of adam until tea, did chicken curry for tea Pilates for me watched good omens and MF

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