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December 31, 2023

December diary

December diary

Dec 31st Sunday

Lovely day, went and got last delivered paper, load of washing, finished kindling rack, did dancer,alien landscape, and rock climbing loaded mower trailer with kindling, did last of the mowing, finished the graveyard book( excellent) did snitzel and salad for tea new years eve but we are staying home and going to bed early like always.watched fargo, MF and bones

Dec 30th Saturday

Cool and showery to begin, got paper and shopping walked dog at community garden, worked in shed on putting other 3 characters together and starting wood holder for kindling from shed and drill base for lathe. Man came and picked up sculpture and lady came for a visit. Nap, finished barbed wire tears, very boy book and lots of violence but sort of thought provoking too, did gnocci bake for tea watched tin star and cats countdown and MF

Dec 29th Friday

Cool and finer than yesterday, Julieanne to garden, I tidied shed for an hour then started cutting up 6 small characters and making 3 into welded forms( still needing cleaning up) I mowed across the road and read more from the graveyard book and barbed wire tears. We had lamb patties /fritters for tea with salad then watched the royal variety performance,all fine but a bit ho hum then MF

Dec 28th Thursday

Cool and grey showers for much of the day, get wood for dragonfly seat and give 2 coats of paint, and do blood tests.Home again to 4 visitors, possible orders, reading Neil Gaiman view from the cheap seats and the graveyard book as well as barbed wire tears, 2 naps, sausages in bread for tea, watched the last slow horses 2 and then stock Aitken and waterman part 2 as well as all creatures great and small .

Dec 27th Wednesday

Showered overnight, grey but clear, tidy gallery and house and work on dragonfly seat, all painted and welded, needs another coat and wood done, started an abstract junk piece M to physio, napped and read most of afternoon, Joan and adam dropped by, Adam off with grace, had sandwich for tea, watched rebel moon and MF.

Dec 26th Tuesday

Rained overnight, showers and rain today, grey and cloudy, dinner with Ms family and our kids in gallery, ernie fiona, david and serena, stephen and Kristen, edelmans and us, Sue dropped in, rained as people leaving, Em went back with caleb, had a sandwich for tea watched reacher,MF and young sheldon

Dec 25th Monday

Rained overnight and cloudy maybe showers in day, updated website welded most of dragonfly in shed, finished reading I am Pilgrim,did chow mein for tea, M and em set up gallery and did some precooking, watched the three musketeers, mediocre

Dec 24th Sunday

Fine and cloudy, bought ice and milk, paper, cooked potatos, Em and M fluffed the place and cooked stuff,Christmas lunch with the kids and grandkids . Presents galore and a quiet afternoon after they left. Sandwiches for tea and watched cats countdown, fargo and scott aikman and waterman doco.

Dec 23rd Saturday

Fine and sunny, mild, took adam to work, shopped walked dog work in shed, M and em shop for xmas stuff, 1 visitor, people came and took tennis girl away and a pelican and a sign, other people came and picked up pole landscape, I talked to Yvette in afternoon for a bit and had 3 naps, did hamburgers for tea adam off to family for a week, tidied and washed stuff, watched young Sheldon, MF

Dec 22nd Friday

Fine and sunny, work on other side of growth and put on base, finished dance of the flowers, added to words on website ,2 visitors aileen took away pieces for station gallery, M and em and kids decorate trees and tidy did chicken skewers for tea , M and em tidied front room, watched MF and bones

Dec 21st Thursday

Fine and slightly overcast, work in shed on growth, M tidies ems room and goes to melb, I mind girls in arvo as K takes theo to dentist, played for 1 hr then took them to warragul civic park for play, walk around lake, learn water tap, see art in gallery, home for more play, Em to come home with M after shopping, did lasage using trpika remnants, wrapped presents, watched bill bailey last west Australia, also toys that made America and hard quiz influencers.

Dec 20th Wednesday

Fine and mild, Noel and Nicki worked on pelican and plant tray, I added to growth piece, did flowers for it and butterflies, started dance of the flowers, repainted pole landscape, 2 visitors, went to help mind kids after lunch as M had sore foot, went to park and scootered, K home early, quick shop then home for nap, did triptika and sausages for tea, no adam, watched slowhorses, adam hills and wilty

Dec 19th Tuesday

Grey and showery to begin and most of day, Belinda did 2 flowers, paint base of tennis girl and add football, finish goat, start on garden seat, people swapped over big flower for 2 small flowers, M out with 2 kids Adam to do tea, Pilates

Dec 18th Monday

Cloudy and muggy I painted tennis girl white, worked on goat body and legs, Tony did small reindeer, Peter worked on cut off wheel cast a new piece for cut off wheel, nap after lunch the washed floor, M out all day with all 3 kids including speech therapy swimming and play, I did chicken mustard for tea , ok but took over an hour to cook, watched reacher, and vera

Dec 17th Sunday

Fine and sunny Adam to work papers shop paint tennis girl, mowed rest of sculpture garden, Jessie came and talked and Yvette 4 visitors,started goat, did  lamb chops for tea watched the family plan, ok but a high kill count

Dec 16th Saturday

Fine and mild, a bit cool at times,M off to help k shopping with 3 kids,  adam to work took dog to park papers, home to mostly finish tennis girl, talked to Scottish john whose ex partner had just died, mowed ½ of sculpture garden, did fish and chips for tea watched slow horses, tin star and cats countdown

Dec 15th Friday

Reading Slow horses 5 fine and sunny, mild, work on smaller corten flowers and kookas and tennis girl, M off to mind Mae and maybe theo , 2 people visited I pick up some kids from school Talked to Yvette did honey mustard chicken and pasta for tea, watched reacher,wilty and mf

Dec 14th Thursday

Mild and cloudy, Theo to have tongue ties cut, Me and M trip to Clayton for thyroid check, just a talk and a pathology request for June, home via fountain gate, some shopping,3 people visited lunch talked to adam and Joan,, 2 naps, Adam did skewers for tea, watched Famous five some bits ok some poor editing, and wilty

Dec 13th Wednesday

Mild to begin, hot day, M up early to get kids ready for school as K has breakfast meeting and so does David, M has dentist at 10.30, I work on tennis girl, Noel and Vicki, Helen and alice after lunch, Pick up kids from school small shop, home for nap, did chicken and salad for tea, watched adam hills Fargo Young Sheldon and MF

Dec 12th Tuesday

warm and sultry, M went to Dr and minded kids at end of day I did  a sledge hammer racer, and a dog and started tennis player, Peter Kostos came and bought house on the hill, I napped in arvo Frittata for tea Adam out to Job network after working at caf in morning, Pilates watched bill baileys wild west aust.

Dec 11th Monday

Cool and mild did washing, The boys did a flying bird and hose winder, I did wood for the tree, a bird and a dog, People came and got their 2 big flowers I did beef chow mein for tea watched tin star, MF and toys that made America

Dec 10th Sunday

Cool and not as showery, tidied, paper, walk dog adam at caf, cut up fallen branch and then finished work on birdbrain and did 24 flowers, 10 people came , sold a dog, 6 flowers and a b ird, got an order for a pair of dancers and also a tennis player with a football, a bit lightheaded,Kievs for tea, watched Fargo MF, Qi

Dec 9th Saturday

Cool and showery all day, people came and picked up horseman and golfer, double birdfeeder and bought dog, kooka and 6 flowers and a bird, 4 people visited over day, Don Barret dropped in to see yvettes work, sold him a Gippsland art book, worked on 7  kookas on sticks ( 7) and part of birdbrain adam worked at caf, nap Pie for tea watched tin star, MF Young Sheldon and bones

Dec 8th Friday

Cooler but varied , hot and windy at times a change coming? M off to mind mae and take swimming, I finish second set of flowers and started a wooden based piece, also added photos to Yvettes webpage, Picked up kids and took theo to ninjas  sausages and salad for tea watched slow horses, cats countdown

Dec 7th Thursday

Cooler and grey, M has Drs appt , I get metal from martin steel, finished  2 flowers started 2 more,shopped in Longwarry, Drs appt in arvo for more Panadol forte, M went to eleanors book presentation, I did satay chicken for tea, organized cooking videos on I pad, watched MF, orphan black echoes and wilty and adam hills

Dec 6th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, did riley violin piece, also birds flying from rain,ordered more tips for plasmacutter, mowed sculpture garden 4 visitors order for 2 big flowers, M has physio and talked to Sue started cutting them out, nap, picked up kids and took theo to fiddle sticks , talked to Rileys mum who is an illustrator, tea at yarragon pub for book group, home and watched Bill baileys wild west

Dec 5th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did one flower, I finished double birdfeeder, 2 people visited, Mowed across rd and house block, picked up kids from school did savory mince, took adam to art group,M went to scout presentations, Pilates, watched MF

Dec 4th Monday

Fine and sunny , hot, M off to mind mae, the boys did a stand  I added to horseman finished bird and started double birdfeeder, played with mae from 10 to 1100, did tea nap  2 people visited, Have to pick up kids from school and take theo to pen pals, shopped at aldi, home to have corned beef and pasta bake for tea.watched fargo and annika

Dec 3rd Sunday

Fine and mild became a lovely day, adam working, got paper and some shopping, walked dog saw leith, assembled horseman and worked with photos for website, problems Yvette had opening, aqbout 30 people sold quite a bit, exhausted needed sleep in arvo, did chicken skewers for tea watched fargo, young Sheldon MF and great Australian walks

Dec 2nd Saturday

Cool and showery, up early for adam, back to bed, to Drouin for papers and shop, home to Jindi Market worked a bit on horseman, bit of an upset tummy, Joanne and colin Gray called in also man re birdfeeders, M to Pakenham with K shopping. Fish and chip tea watched Indiana jones and the dial of destiny

Dec 1st Friday

cool and possible showers, M off to mind mae, Julieanne to garden, I swap over mig gas help adjust Yvettes exhibition, phone appt at 12.45, Pick up theo and Eleanor from school and took theo to ninjas did orange chicken for tea watched fargo, MF and  Lupin,

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