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April 2, 2023

february diary

Feb diary

Feb 28th Tuesday

Cool and misty, Belinda did 2 flowers , I did violinist plasmacut, finished frog, did base for time standing still, painted one side of shell form, John came and worked on pieces, Adam came through to pick up stuff, I rang the door people re laundry door, simon Gregg called re donation to collection ( Bull form) M has to pick up kids at end of day, quiche for tea Pilates reformer class watched picard

Feb 27th Monday

Showered overnight cool, the boys worked on a kangaroo, a fire stand and a plant stand, I did most of Bj seat and did a small frog and put shell form on base, painted once on one side ,Merv coming to look at adam’s car, all ok and adam leaving today, went in to help mind mae and home for nap, did crumbed chops for tea, watched end of vera and pokerface, Em phone call and caleb visited for Ms birthday

Feb 26th Sunday

Showered overnight cool, Lachlan to weld and work on anvil, Glenn Buchanan dropped in after student reunion last night, I start on chair frames, most of bj done and basic Maz done, helped tidy gallery Helens opening, Ross and Barbara, Jo and Amanda,Ruth McGowan, 2 bike riders, Sue and Melinda, Bryan and Jeanette, Grace and Britt and Britt and ruth and owen, Geoff Harrison Trevor trigg and Gloria, Sue Acheson , J and J Mccarthy, and lots of others,Helen sold quite a bit,sausages for tea, watching vera.

Feb 25th Saturday

Fine and sunny, walked gracie put helens pics on website, tidied up 4 small plasmacuts, and painted, talked to Adam with Caleb, talked to Robyn then 4 visitors meatballs for tea out to Black sorrows for Marians birthday, stayed most of concert

Feb 24th Friday

Fine and sunny, warm did helens video, went to heart appt , took adam to centre link then lincolns, not working there, home to talk to helen and have lunch , quiet afternoon , Grace and friends dropped off motorbike frame,did quiche for tea watched grand designs, national treasure and Young Sheldon

Feb 23rd Thursday

Fine and mild, Julianne gardened, cut out 4 plasmacuts and prepared one or two, Helped Helen hang exhibition with Marian, did video, Adam pretty weird took him into Drouin to get belt for car, extra glasses as he has misplaced his,yelling conversation with Julian, tried to get car going, didn’t, offered to share tea as was doing rissoles but he was lost, Em rang up.watched bones

Feb 22nd Wednesday

Fine and breezy to begin, breezy all night, Noel , I start tidying edges of shell and did vase form, Val and Brian take down exhibition, M to mind kids at end of day I take theo to music, book club at golf club Home to bed

Feb 21st Tuesday

Fine and mild, cloudy to begin Belinda did 2 flowers,I finished putting pieces on back of shell, started grinder ballet dancer, 3 busloads from community house visited , 3 others also( 23), sold 4 small pieces, went to pay adam and help him, nap, M off to mind kids at end of day,sent out emails for helen exhibition, did chicken rollups for tea pilates mat class, Adam here as kicked out.

Feb 20th Monday,

fine and mild, misty to begin, the boys, I keep working to cover back of shell, , 2 of 3 parts done, 2 people visited M minds mae all day goes to tumblegym and phoebe I did tuna pasta for tea watched griff Canada, the recruit and young Sheldon and abbott elementary

Feb 19th Sunday

Fine and sunny, mild, Lachlan came to work in shed, did 2 hours making an anvil parts and doing a handle for a hammer, I finished welding other side of shell junk and started welding the offcuts on top, Painted star. 6 visitors including Yvette and Geoff , nap did ½ chicken scrolls for tea watched picard and vera

Feb 18th Saturday

Fine and cool, Julieanne gardened, 5 visitors,I laminated writing from yesterday, worked on shell piece got all of one side welded and built. Nap, Shower and went to Ks to mind kids while they went out to see the whitlams at wgac, pizza for tea chased kids read books and had a longish tiring night.

Feb 17th Friday

Cloudy got to to be 38 with late cool change, M minds mae Andrew kaspar picks up seats,worked on welding star piece and assembling some of the wood pieces, 2 visitors to see vals exhibition, went to Longwarry to pick up steel and some food, home to have lunch, nap then wrote up several of the small pieces then out to mind mae,home for nap then did beef shishkabobs for tea showers, then moved photos to computer and did more writing.watched national treasure and bones

Feb 16th Thursday

Warm and sunny,M has day off, 2 People came to pick up inner wheel piece, I worked on star, assembling wood pieces and doing bases for pieces, shopped at bunnings got new computer and aldi shop also, nap, did lamb koftas for tea caleb called in, watched pokerface and last 3 pines

Feb 15th Wednesday

Warm no Noel, worked on landscape pieces and wooden pieces,5 people visited, M picks up kids after school, I took theo to music, sketched again, home to do chicken skewers for tea,Watched adam hills Emily rang up

Feb 14th Tuesday

Fine and sunny,Belinda did two flowers,I worked on oblivious, 5 people visited, Mower in for new starter motor,M only needed at end of day,but had to go and rescue theo, Maggie came up and we talked til 2.00, watched griff and grand designs

Feb 13th Monday

Fine and sunny, the boys worked on seat etc, I cut out pieces for later in week,

Feb 12th Sunday

Fine and mild day walked dog at cricket ground with Tony, talked then shopped talked all day, Tony did 2 roast chickens for tea , stove died Talked and watched you tube black and white night, not as good as video

Feb 11th Feb Saturday

Off to Sale early, cloudy sun peeking through artists talk re wild dogs past and present, well supported by Marian( who drove) Anita Jo Draisma, Jessie, Chris and others, bought art of Gippsland book by simon Gregg, home again to see Uhes who were passing through over 3 days,talked into evening.

Feb 10th Friday

Cloudy, misty to begin, M minds mae all day,wrote up big pieces,

Feb 9th Thursday

Fine and sunny warm drop marians car in for service,shop,pick up metal from longwarry, unload car and start 2nd fish seat all welded and painted and both seats wood one coat, helped M pick up car did rissoles for tea, watched grand designs, the recruit and Young sheldon

Feb 8th  Wednesday

Cool, no showers, Noel worked on a potplant holder for his mum who had a heart attack, I painted sculptures again, started 1 fish seat,bought wood for 3 seats, theo after school to fiddlesticks music,I did sketches of kids, M has day off but minds mae and Eleanor after school,M did pie for tea sue dropped over, watched endeavour and hard quiz.

Feb 7th Tuesday

Cool showered overnight Belinda did flowers, painted base of dancing girl,did steering column,5 people visited assembled dreamscape chime and light ballet girl, finished Morse book 1,  scans at 2.00 Mhas day off but  does after school for kids naps did pasta and corned beef, Pilates mat class, watched adam hills and wilty

Feb 6th Monday

Cool showered overnight,the boys, changeover mig bottle,worked on 3 small pieces , chime, dreamscape and light ballerina, Dawn and linda came out re exhibition, Graham bought shell and dancing girl, M minded mae all day, K with sore back, did marinated chops for tea watched treasure and pokerface

Feb 5th Sunday

Cool but no rain, work on girl all together and mounted on stand, painting to do, Graham stapleton and partner dropped in to see vals exhibition,2 others also talked happily,napped M did Chinese takeaway and shopped, watched young Sheldon, bones and the recruit.

Feb 4th Saturday

Cool and rainy in morning, went to see leith workshop,then to aldi and coles, back to see 4 people from Berwick who had been here while I was away, up to caf, home to lunch and read, stopped reading spy book and finished rhubarb, started inspector morse book, did kievs for tea watched vera, didn’t sleep until 2.00

Feb 3rd Friday

Cool but clear, windy all night, wrote up small pieces, assemble small pieces, work on girl, Jenni jobe to get piece rewelded, shop, drop in to see mae and M,, misplaced phone, did snitzel for tea watched endeavour

Feb 2nd Thursday

Cloudy and coolish, work on girl and small pieces, ready to assemble,2 people visited, M has day off kids went to melb to see Don and shares, Julieanne to garden, Scan appt 2.45,home at 4.30, did chicken and bacon roast for tea Rained heavily at tea time, watched 3 pines and shrinking

Feb 1st Wednesday

Fine and mild, cloudy, Noel did another flower, I started on 6 small pieces as well as doing a touch on the big girl, make scan appt, Mae has kinder in arvo, M minds mae in morning then has to prepare kids for guide meeting in evening, Joan price dropped in and so did Wayne, I went and bought a small side table for use in  painting, also some bubble wrap and some tickets for Marians birthday did lamb cutlets for tea watched poker face, departure last episode and Qi

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