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June 30, 2023

June Diary

June diary

June 30th Friday

Cool and clear, I help set up peter saunders exhibition, 2 visitors M takes em to see K and kids, take adam to warragul for job search people shop did leg of lamb for tea, watched 2 Qi, and Airforce 1

June 29th Thursday

Cool and clear, M got feet looked at by podiatrist, went to melb and brought back Emily, did the skipping team and painted ball again, did 2 flowers, 2 people visited,  bought metal at Martin and shopped in Drouin, finished the dark hours and started desert bloom, did snitzel for tea and adam made a soup, watched Qi , Gruen MF and 10 pictures carrie fisher

June 28th Wednesday

Fine and cool, worked on ball, photo people taking down exhibition,all paid up, writers group here, No Noel, 2 people to see show, pasta and tuna for tea watched utopia,Qi,

June 27th Tuesday

Fine and mild, Belinda did 2 flowers, I worked on ball ,then went to metal recycler to drop off stuff, then to caleb to take him to mordiallac to pick up car,3 people here, naps did chicken and beans for tea Pilates, watched young Sheldon MF and QI

June 26th Monday

Breezy and cool, the boys worked on side car and birdstand and fence post sculpture, I put together the ball halves, mostly joined, Interview for bbr after lunch with Rodney and Geoff and Paul, Joan came out to deliver lasagna and say hello to adam, M helped K all day, Lasagne for tea watched, MF, grand designs and Silent witness

June 25th Sunday

Fine and clear, work on ball and tidy 4 visitors, Pizza for tea, watched bones, Stan lee

June 24th Saturday

Fine and breezy cooler later, made banana bread did a bit on ball, 7 people visited, noel and joan came and talked to adam, I tidied pile and read book Bosch and ballard 3, did chicken curry for tea, watched wingthreads with ex student Milly formby, the whale which was hardish going but excellent performances and MFand Greg pickhavers abc

June 23rd Friday

Cool and clear, last day of term, M minding mae all day,Early finish,I go pick up cut off wheel see about computer not printing and have blood test,home to do more on ball,did fish and chip tea using oven watched deadloch, mf and

June 22nd Thursday

Cool and possible showers, M has day off from kids, I start on second ½ of ball got one ½ done. Reading in arvo, sue dropped in and M helped adam set up a zoom meeting, nap Adam did tea of chicken legs and potato, watched the americans, MF and wilty

June 21st Wednesday

Cool and fine, no Noel, work on outside of ball, M off to mind kids all day, I altered gallery listing, finished welding one ½ ball and started gathering material for second ½. Writers group there (5), and chris came and fixed windows. Visited kids and shopped adam to Drouin home to curried sausages. watched last two limbo, bones and utopia

June 20th Tuesday

Cool and possible showers, Belinda did 2 flowers, Harry coming to put in electric stove, M off to mind 2 girls, theo sick in arvo, I worked on finishing inside of first ½ of ball and started on outside, did a bit of tidying up of pile, cold in arvo, reading the late show, Power went out after stove installed, did lambchops for tea, Pilates home to vera.

June 19th Monday

Rainy and cool, M off to mind mae and Eleanor, and theo.All a bit ratty and uncooperative. The boys did a small sculpture and worked on sidecar, I tidy up and work on ball, over ½ of inside done, looked for rats after lunch ,Adam worked on bus window, cold and wet lit fire and read, did lasagna in slow cooker and watched silent witness and wilty and MF

June 18th Sunday

Fine and sunny, rained overnight, M helps kids in dance rehearsal and then concert,9 people visited, bought a few things, I start ball, cleaned up front side of pile, cut up lots for tomorrow, did chow mein for tea,watched Indiana Jones and last crusade and MF

June 17th Saturday

Fine and sunny, breezy, dog park, then did skipping girl and camouflaged submarine, 9 people visited, Lunch with Grace, Talked to adam, Adam did tea of pork chops rain coming watched a fish called wanda.

June 16th Friday

Fine and sunny, finish off plate flower, Julieanne to garden, M minds mae all day, Mae a bit sick, I help at 2.30,did meat patties for tea on BBQ as Mark disconnected the stove, M talked to Caleb and em on phone watched she said, very good.

June 15th Thursday

Cool and a bit breezy, M has day off,I work on other plate flowers, Take adam to job place,shop at bunnings and aldi, adam went to food relief, did Tuscan chicken for tea, watched MF,Limbo and silent witness,

June 14th Wednesday

Cool and odd showers,Noel did washstand planter, I worked on Lindas plate flowers,main flower finished ,Writers group here,  M minds mae and helps Eleanor, I took theo to music got wheel rims and chook food, did slowcooker roast,watched The americans,good and involving, MF, Utopia and WILTY

June 13th Tuesday

Fine and mild maybe showers later, Belinda, Electric stove being delivered,worked on Jorge the superhero,and on the grid, 3 People in afternoon, M to mind kids at end of day did wraps for tea Pilates watched last the diplomat,MF

June 12th Monday

Fine and mild, finished welding twist and assembled on stand One coat, did Iron lady and started a couple of small pieces, The boys were Norm doing Kangaroo and Peter doing sidecar, M took kids to playground, I did chicken casserole in slowcooker for tea, watched Bones, The diplomat Young Sheldon and MF

June 11th Sunday

Fine and sunny maybe clouds, shopped for opening did labels, tidied, Opening of camera club show,about 50 people, sold flying bird ,M  did scrambled eggs for tea, watched last citadel, deadloch and mF

June 10th Saturday

Fine and clear, M to mind kids while k has hair done, David to mud bash, I worked on twist other side nearly all welded decided on base, mowed a bit, 8 people visited including Richard and amy, shopped ,did chicken pasta for tea watched Judy with renee Zellweger, very well done, and wilty

June 9th  Friday

Cool and fine, maybe showers, M to mind mae in morning, I start new big piece, twist, appointment at 2.30 at Berwick, next appt a month later, M drives me home to do vege patties for tea watched avatar the way of water

June 8th Thursday

Cool and grey showery, rained in morning fined up in arvo,M to mind mae I help at 10.15, M home after lunch, I assemble kookaburra piece, did character for squid,  did sausages for tea, watched utopia, limbo and silent witness, Adam back from Melb, stopped to call ses to tree across rd, watched modern family

June 7th Wednesday

Fine and mild, sunny, Noel made a small planter,I piled up fire a bit ,started a kookaburra landscape piece and added to squid,  adam to melbourne, pick up theo and Eleanor take theo to music, had a sore tummy so back home, did aldi shop with Marian, M picks up mae and takes Eleanor to dance, read and nap at country club before Book club with Jutta, Barb, and Home to watch modern families, rained overnight.

June 6th Tuesday

Fine and mild Belinda did 2 flowers,Tanner here to remove agapanthus and branches, pile up fire and burn, did a good job, I did rest of fork in the road, a squid creature and a mid sized robot, exhausted at midday, M took adam to Drouin and picked up kids, I brought him back had quiche for tea  Pilates watched bones and MF

June 5th Monday

Grey and cloudy, mildish, M to mind mae all day, has a tight side, The boys worked on tempering, kangaroo and side car, I start on fork in the road, the organist and little blue monster, Adam did spaghetti for tea, watched silent witness and modern family

June 4th Sunday

Fine and clear sunny, get paper and shop, Plumber to install heater in shed, worked on kookaburra for bird stand, all done needs one more coat, 8 people visited, bought some things, including noni and max, did golden rissoles for tea watched raiders of the lost ark.

June 3rd Saturday

Rainy to begin then grey and fine after, M took ralph back to Caleb, 4 people visited I went with adam to see about car at Tim’s in Wonthaggi, tried a few things to get it going then gave up, went and picked up motorbike and came home. M did spaghetti and meatballs for tea, watched deadloch, modern family and the diplomat

June 2nd Friday

Fine, cloudy, mild, sunny day, M minds mae all day, another coat on wood for birdstand, Julieanne to garden took down front fence cut up logs, did small jobs around,went and played with mae at 2.30 home to make chicken chow mein, watched modern family and 5th estate, cumberbach playing Assange

June 1st Thursday

Grey and showery at times, Took adam to train for court date at Morwell, added to website worked on new birdstand, basic rectangle done, cut up another pallet,replaced mig gas bottle,5 people visited M picked up adam from train and shopped, did spanakopita for tea, watched limbo, platonic, so so,modern family and young sheldon

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