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April 2, 2023

March diary

March diary

March 31st Friday

Cold and showery , fined up then more showers, went to casey to appt, lined up for a pet scan, home to nap ,did a bit on the seahorse finish the silk roads and start wyatt butterfly,did hamburgers for tea watched the last bus and hard quiz

March 30th Thursday

Cold and showery, Not M day off, I work on seahorse, fixed signs damaged by adam, Help warragul art group hang exhibition, helped in morning, nap then straightened in arvo,did slow cooker tea, watched the night agent and pokerface

March 29th Wednesday

Cool and showery, Noel works on frog, I finish head of the house , start seahorse wall piece, pick up spare tyre, take theo to music, buy tea at club hotel,buy welding wire, M mind Eleanor at dance, home to watch cats countdown and Rockwiz

March 28th Tuesday

Fine and cool sunnyish arvo, M did helens adding up, Belinda did 2 flowers, Wayne dropped in I finished dog teapot , added to head of the house, assembled upperclass, Michelle Annand came to visit, Helen took down exhibition, I confirmed phone appt  for Friday did gozleme for tea pilates bed class, home for qi

March 27th  Monday

Fine day cool rained at end, M minded mae all day, the boys did a kooka, the kangaroo and plantstand, I did 3 ducks and a bird, tidied up prepared for a teapot piece  and a house piece,9 people visited,  shopped in arvo aldi coles and woolies, also new angle grinder at Geoff, dropped off fayes bird, home to do tuna pasta, watched vander valk and bones and QI

March 26th Sunday

Fine mild autumn day, took car in for petrol and walked dog, I did housing shortage and started another teapot and a house piece, also tidied up lots, bins of stuff to go out, 2 people visited and bought a bird a giraffe teapot and squeezed using the old valve, worked most of day and cut out a few flowers also, M got fish and chip tea,  watched the Mandalorian and ted lasso

March 25th Saturday

Fine mild autumn day worked on finishing girl, did base, put on base, did hair, cleaned up started 3 houses, Julianne gardened, Adam dropped by in a troubled state, reading book and nap, did chow mein for tea,watched elvis, very good

March 24th Friday

Fine and cool,warmed up later, M off to mind mae, dance, I cover other ½ of dancer, donate book , dropped in tyre, tried to drop off bird for fay, shop, mind mae at 2.30,frankfurters for tea with marians leftover pasta from last night,Em rang up watched hard quiz and the mandalorian

March 23rd Thursday

Fine and cool thunderstorm, worked on covering one side of girl in shed M worked on square stuff for tax lady. M dropped in to tax lady and shopped, I read silk roads, did chicken legs for tea in slow cooker, no caleb, watched last 2 vigil, excellent,

March 22nd Wednesday

Fine and cool, Noel did another frog, I did base of piano keys characters and started ballet girl, frame made, dropped off bird re mrs farmer, picked up theo and went to music, ran into adam, did sketching, shopped on way home had flat tyre, Channie and hubbie stopped to help, M did pasta tea, watched pokerface, and vigil, didn’t sleep all that well.

March 21st Tuesday

Fine and mild coolish, windy all night, Belinda did 2 flowers I did 1 peacock and 2 birds, started on piano keys creatures, John came to work last day for this season, Tax lady at 2.00. 1 visitor, I shop then home to finish book for bookclub, M minds kids til 5, did rissoles in wraps for tea, raining lightly for a bit, pilates watched adam hills.

March 20th Monday

Fine and sunny, M off to mind mae til 3.30, the boys minus tony and jim, did kangaroo and plant stand ,I finish off birds on bases, do 2 pelicans , finished off wire flowers and vase, reading book club book, Nap, out to tea for wedding anniversary, club hotel, watched vigil, hard quiz and Bones.

March 19th Sunday

Fine and cool, showered overnight, put 4 of small birds onto stands did one extra to go on a pot, started on wire flowers and vase, Laurel Billington dropped in, also 4 others sold chime and I chook, M sorted toys and did financial stuff.bought thai for tea watched bullet train, gory but funny

March 18th Saturday

Fine and mild to begin 37! Did another cat and some more small birds, 4 done, nap, read papers, read art guide, 2 people visited and bought holy cow, reading still life,pasta and mince for tea watched hard quiz, the Mandalorian and

March 17th Friday

Cool and has showered,M off to take mae to dance and mind mae all day, I did 3 cats and worked a bit on patchwork birds, Bus of 10 from Moe, talked and did plasmacuts, Sue came to say hello and helped clean the plasmacuts, lady came to  buy a spring vase after seeing it on Instagram, lunch, books from sale arrived, off to Drouin to get prescription and a haircut, then mind mae for a bit. Home for nap, did fish and chips and salad for tea, watched vigil then endeavour, excellent.

March 16th Thursday

Fine and pleasant , warmed up cool in evening,Julieanne gardened, tidied front and cut down wisteria, I worked on cat vase, cut out cat faces and bird forms, Neil and simone visited, talked for a few hours, lunch then down to Morwell to visit gallery, ok, then to get springs from spring works, home to see Joan talked for an hour, nap, did snitzel and salad for tea with Caleb, watched picard, young Sheldon and

March 15th Wednesday

Fine and cool to begin warmed up after lunch, Noel did cross piece for rocket stove and started on another frog, I did 2 more ducks, 4 chooks and mostly finished 2 of the legged teapots, nap bought washers helped pick up theo from school, home for another nap, did lamb sausages for tea watched Wakanda forever, ok

March 14th Tuesday

Fine and cool warmed up to a lovely day, Belinda did 2 flowers, her dad had his operation ok, I did 3 echidnas and cut out 3 ducks, added to giraffe teapot, and did 2 spring vases, John came and worked,2 visitors, 2nd last week,Lunch nap, reading still life waiting for Yvonne,shell has gone, M off to mind kids til k gets home, chicken burgers for tea, Pilates reformer class watched adam hills

March 13th Monday

Monday holiday Labour day, Fine and cool to begin but beautiful day at end,M worked on cards most of the day,  The boys did plant stand trolley and kangaroo, I did work on 3 teapots, finished a skinny dog, lunch and nap, Tim came and talked most of afternoon, did pasta for tea watched shrinking and pokerface

March 12th Sunday

Fine and mild did a frog, peacock and a dog, went to bunnings for new cutoff wheels, discs and helmet,then after lunch did 4 more frogs, Jo and mum visited, wore myself out, M went and bought pizza and shopping, watched vera and hard quiz.

March 11th Saturday

Fine and mild autumn weather,did 4 kookas, 1 dog and 1 frog, about 15 visitors, naps, did chicken legs for tea, finished Banshees and watched endeavour

March 10th Friday

Fine and mild, coolish at times warmed up in arvo, did 5 birds and mowed across rd, saw a black snake, had Jutta and friend visit, nap went and helped with Mae, shopped, home to do steak and salad for tea started to watch banshees if innerskillin, Em called

March 9th Thursday

Fine and mild, julieanne gardened ,cleaned out drain in front of gallery and also swept gallery roof, I added chemical to water and wrote up some small pieces, had busload (10) from benetas and sold some small pieces, then a family group,(3) Melissa forlano and Niki from destination Gippsland and helen to visit around lunchtime talked to them for a while, themis Koutras visited with Kyesha,, John came to work, Gillian and friend visited, tuckered out I had nap M went and cashed cheque and got dog tablets, I joined friends of sale gallery and asked about buying 3 books to sell on. Did beef meat things on sticks with rice for tea.watched vigil and pokerface

March 8th Wednesday

Fine and cool, breezy , Noel did another frog, Jan garden visited, I assembled small pieces, then did 2 snails using gas bottle handles and put together another birdfeeder, laminated and put out new signs to replace some of the unreadable,nap, took theo to music, sketched again, shopped, home M did sausages for tea

March 7th Tuesday

Fine and mild breezy, Belinda did 2 flowers, I put together 1 birdfeeder, 1 silver bird, 1 lovebird, Blue moon, and light bird, flying hearts ,started 2nd birdfeeder, started tidying up, stopped at lunchtime, puzzle and nap found signs that were unreadable, M off to mind kids and feed them prior to activities, went to pilates after gozleme for tea, home to watch adam hills

March 6th Monday

Fine and cool, M off to mind mae all day, the boys worked on fire stand and kangaroo and plant stand , I did another bird , cut up gate to make 2 birdfeeders, cut up pieces of blue moon, and silver bird, went at 12 to Mcdonald to meet M to take theo home as he had a cough, came home and did chicken pieces for tea, watched Die hart, try hard but too many f words,also bones

March 5th  Sunday

Fine and sunny hot later, did wood for maz seat, did rose and daffodil plasmacuts , did one bird and assembled maz seat, 4 visitors, 2 naps, wrote up some of past pieces.M got souvlaki for tea watched end of endeavour,daisy jones and the six and vera rained overnight

March 4th Saturday

Fine and sunny, 30? Jindi market work on maz seat all welding and painting done except wood, Adam here again and stuff from one end to the other,4 visitors, Caleb came to help move him on, he wasn’t happy but went, recycled calebs kievs from other night with Singapore noodles,out to Kitty Flanagan , good

March 3rd Friday

Fine and cool, solar people came and got system running again and cleaned panels, I assembled 23 flowers and painted birdfeeder, reading art of gippsland,bought wood and washers at home hardware, helped with Mae, shopped, home M minded mae all day, watched bit of endeavour

March 2nd Thursday

Fine and cool, Took car in for service,julieanne gardened  I worked on gate birdfeeder, all welded and assembled, unpainted, I cut out more flowers and placed them ready for assembly tomorrow, John worked in shed, 3 visitors, Helen came at 1.00, I had lunch, nap then worked on a painted leaf if front room, kievs for tea, no caleb, watched bones,shrinking,and national treasure

March 1st Wednesday

Fine and cool, wrote up work done in Feb, Noel did a frog, I did 3 small echidnas from saw blades,Adam still visiting, Pete and Marg Dumergue dropped in talked to them a while, Helen had a video made for channel 31, had morning tea with her, she had baked a cake for Marian, Leonie and friend dropped in as well as 2 others,I take theo to music,gave a plasmacut to Annies mum,did more sketching, M did shopping and minds kids after school, Me home for a nap and then made snitzel burgers for tea, Killed the brown Chook,watched the recruit, young Sheldon and adam hills

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