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May 31, 2023

May diary

May diary

May 31st Wednesday

Grey and cool, started next post and bird piece, Noel worked on planter and bed head, Writing group here, Photography group for interview with Alyssa fitzlaff, 2 visitors, finished book, picked up kids and took theo to music, dropped in cutoff wheel, home to go back and pick up adam, Pizza for tea, watched last ted Lasso and hardquiz and modern family

May 30th Tuesday

Grey and cool, Belinda, did 2 flowers, I worked on finishing small pieces,  Adam to nurse and then train to Melb, M to pick up kids and feed them  did sausages in bread for tea Pilates watched modern family and citadel

May 29th Monday

Cool and showery, sent out email for exhibition,The boys worked on Kangaroo, tempering and sidecar, I prepared Knitter and started gravy train and 2 bent vases, cut up another pallett, Sue came to see big and small birds piece, after lunch took adam to job seeker and police, iI shopped at aldi coles and umart, did tuna pasta for tea, watched The diplomat,Modern family and bones

May 28th Sunday

Grey and showery assembled Big and small birds on post, created 2 stands for old metal boxes in shed and finished holders for one to sit on edge of verandah, M to melb to Jacks memorial, 2 visitors,updated website with my works and also exhibition,souvlaki tea with dim sim and potato cakes watched Mrs Harris goes to Paris and modern family.

May 27th Saturday

Fine and grey, get paper, paint wood for bird piece, do other bird, Help camera club with exhibition if needed, did extra titles, 6 people visited, cut off wheels on laundry basket trolley, made supports for herb garden box, did honey mustard chicken for tea watched quantummania and modern family

May 26th Friday

Showery at times, to Drouin to take kids to school,no julieanne as kids sick, me to warragul to buy 8 inch grinder, welding rods and wire, home to order gallery, Mae here after dance, played with mae, did titles for exhibition, did chicken bacon parcels for tea, watched american born Chinese, modern family

May 25th Thursday

M has day off windy and possible showers, Man coming to quote on agapanthas, Chris coming to look at shed windows made a blackbird form, Photo group hung their exhibition, 2 visitors,did airfryer lasagne for tea, watched citadel, bones and modern family bed early as M has to be up around 4 to go to ks to mind kids.

May 24th Wednesday

Fine and mild,lovely day, Noel did bed ends  no Plumber to put in fire in shed I finished small resting robot, assembled stand for birds and painted, painted second coat on harp with broken strings, talked to Phil Henshall, writers group here, M off minding Mae who was partially crook,Themis took down exhibition, I picked up theo and Eleanor, took theo to music but he felt too ill to go, shopped at aldi, dropped in big grinder at Geoffs, KFC for tea, watched Ted Lasso, Limbo and hard quiz and modern family.

May 23rd Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks, I painted black on big piece, added to bird stand, started a small robot, went and tried to burn branch pile, ordered catalog from geelong put up ad on hi pages for agapanthas, M picked up kids from school and fed them, I made a wrap with eggs and bacon for tea, pilates, survived and watched grand designs and modern family

May 22nd Monday

Cool and cloudy, M has mae all day, the boys worked on sidecar and bearing device, I painted big piece and started bird stand,took adam in to shop,did fish and chip tea watched the diplomat, started lucky hank( not impressed) and modern families

May 21st Sunday

Showery and cold, worked on spirals which became complex universe,chased up people having exhibitions in next 3 months, walked dog at dog park, 3 people visited, did fish and chips for tea,started to watch the crater but too silly and disrespectful, watched bones, modern family

May 20th Saturday

Showery and cool all morning ok for arvo then more showers did all welding on big piece, 6 people visited, finished port Mortuary very verbose, thai tea watched 3000 years of longing, citadel and modern family

May 19th Friday

Cool and cloudy possible showers, back seems better, piano tuner coming, Julieanne to garden, start new big piece,went and minded mae, shopped did chicken and garlic butter for tea watched sister Boniface, last two of the night agent and young Sheldon.

May 18th Thursday

Cool and cloudy,finished off c85 piece, did signs for 8 pieces, painted big piece, started flowing skirt piece,ordered new books from sale,have a handyman coming on Monday, sat quietly all arvo with sore back, M had day off too, did Mexican sausages for tea caleb called in, watched sister Boniface, sort of slow, the night agent and will trent seemingly cliched, and modern family.

May 17th Wednesday

Fine and coolish, M off to take mae and theo to kinder and ot then home,writers group 3 here, finished leaf rider and running from the rain, Back progressively spasmed over day went to gse chiropractor who worked on muscles,Theo to music at end of day and M takes Eleanor to dance had quiches for tea watched ted lasso, picked up adam from station and watched hard quiz. Warmed muscles at night slept well

May 16th Tuesday

Cloudy and mild to begin, maybe showers, Belinda did 2 flowers, I assemble small pieces make leaf character and also c 85 dragon, Wayne called in for morning tea and M went off to deal  with kids at the end of school. I to chiropractor again. Only did sausage rolls for tea I stayed home while M went to Pilates, watched modern families ww2 from the air and last Picard,

May 15th Monday

Fine and sunny,M off minding mae, the boys did side car, kangaroo and vice repair and tempering, I finished seed bank, and off the grid and did 2 characters for complex world,Mark finger called in,and 2 others, mowed across rd, did crumbed steak for tea, watched modern families citadel ,young Sheldon and the diplomat

May 14th Sunday

Fine and sunny, Mothersday, 2 people called in, lunch at Calebs with em,take back ralph,home again, nap, sausages in bread for tea, watched still about Michael J fox and the night agent and modern families

May 13th Saturday

Fine and mild, maybe sunny later, get tablets and paper, shop, work on off the grid and the grid, did 2 solid kookas and 3 birds on sticks, about 20 people including grace, through sold 2 of belindas flowers and a few of my pieces,sorted more stuff, did lamb patties for tea, watched 2 traces,and Qi

May 12th Friday

Fine and sunny,Maes birthday,K at home still with concussion, 2 people visit, M takes kids to maes dance then back here I have phone interview with Monash, shop for cake and pay mower people, help mind kids for day, chiropractor again, shop,did chicken skewers for tea ,M late as took theo to Gymnastics, watched the night agent and fly the eagle, gentle and ok

May 11th Thursday

Fine and sunny, Julianne gardened, I assembled cat  in the window and hung up offcut mirror, M drove us to Frankston to see Shaun Tan show then to Mclelland for lunch and to see show there, Home M off to pick up Theo and take to speech, I unload car, do spaghetti for tea, M rang em watched the diplomat and modern family

May 10th Wednesday

Cool and showery , not as cold as yesterday, Noel started on bed head, turned 2 tops, I assembled big pieces and also cat in the window, Chiropractor.did roast for tea, watched Ted lasso, hard quiz and piquard

May 9th Tuesday

Cool and showery Belinda did two flowers, I welded back of big piece and cleaned up side, also created punt, tired at lunch, bought metal at martin and shopped, did mince for tea pilates, watched citadel and modern family

May 8th Monday

Cool and showery, cold in afternoon, the boys worked on plant stand, kangaroo and something else, I weld other side of big piece and attach cover pieces on back did ornate owl, sat and read book in arvo, sue came out with dog coats for ruby and went and got diapers,Tea was pasta and tuna from yesterday, watched young Sheldon and modern family, talked to joan re adam, had text from adam re op.

May 7th Sunday

Cool and showery,then cold, walked dog at community garden, work on big piece in shed, M to Bunyip with kids for coronation service,Jessie came and talked,  reading sas history, took adam to station, sausage rolls for tea watched night agent and bones ,Qi

May 6th Saturday

Cool and showery, got themis video to work uploaded video to you tube, shopped and walked gracie, Themis opening, 7 people,pizza for tea picked up adam, watched the coronation

May 5th Friday

Fine and mild, sunny, showers in evening, M minds mae til 11, I go for pet scan at 1.00 long day driving down there 2 hr, having scan 3 hrs and driving home( marian did driving) Caleb had lit the fire for us so nice to get home to a warm house. Watched traces and will trent and modern family.

May 4th Thursday

Fine and cool, M to mind mae all day, I do email for themis exhibition, did an industrial vase, assembled offcut mirror, assembled flower bridge, started oval form, fixed watering can, nap, brought caleb here to pick up car, did chicken rollups for tea and vege patties.watched ted lasso, hard quiz,Qi, modern family

May 3rd Wednesday

Showery and cold, assembled flower bridge finished second face, M too adam to station for trip to melb for op,took theo to music, sketched, shopped at coles and aldi, book club at golf club discussing lessons in chemistry, good discussion home to watch modern family

May 2nd Tuesday

Fine Belinda did 2 flowers I worked on mirrors I worked on bolt flowers and started faces, took adam to get car back from steve la valleys, did cutlets and patties for tea pilates watched

May 1st Monday

Cool and grey, M to mind mae all day, The boys worked on kangaroo, plant stand and fire stand, I add little bits to piano strings , start mirrors 2 done, did themis video, took adam to drs, xray and wrecker,did chicken butter ckicken for tea very garlicy, watched bones, modern family and picard

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