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November 1, 2023

October diary

October diary

Oct 31st Tuesday

Showery Belinda do 2 owls, and 2 teapots 2 visitors Mae has intro day at school, made zucchini slice for tea Pilates No adam at art class, shopped at bunnings and coles watched MF and dark winds

Oct 30th Monday

Fine and mild showers in evening, The boys tony and peter did owls and sidecar, I tidied up did another coat on music class pieces and did a squarehead box, also a small vase using chain links as flowers, small busload of  special school,(3) went to Drouin with pies and cakes for m who was minding Eleanor and mae, back home for nap finish limberlost bookclub book and to cook 2 sets of biscuits and mince rollups for tea, adam out with his mum, watched Bosch legacy , bones and mf

Oct 29th Sunday

Fine and mild, papers, work on angel,Oct 28th Saturday

Fine and mild cooled for a bit then sunny, Andrew Kaspar came and got fish seats and 2 belinda flowers , big fish and some small pieces,I got papers walked dog at Mc Neilly park, home to finish welding surfer and started angel of heavy lifting,M went and helped K get shoes for Theo, Eleanor off at camp, Adam worked til 1 at caf, 5 people visited made another set of biscuits,Christine called in re Mt Worth, did steak for tea watched Bosch legacy, Lupin mf and young Sheldon

Oct 27th Friday

Fine and mild , I put out fish and assemble biplane and do feet for other letter box, M to mind mae at dance, home here to play nap,2 people visited Pick up kids order metal from martin shop, home to do fish and chips for tea, watched dark winds,take 5 jimmy barnes,MF and

Oct 26th Thursday

Cool, showers?finished painting fish, Worked on biplane, helped julie and students put up exhibition, shopped did cooking of biscuits, M to physio at 9.30 adam to caf?did meat patties for tea with adams soup, watched Young Sheldon, lost flowers of alice hart and Sherwood caleb called in

Oct 25th Wednesday

Cool and showery with some sunny breaks, finished fish welding , No noel and rob, one coat of penetrol on started biplane, Mae here with M due to her cold, played a bit, nap, went to pick up kids, took theo to music, adam did tea, had Neerim sth cubs here and parents ( 4)  did scavenger hunt drawing ex and plasmacutting demo, Donna took down exhibition,watched hard quiz and loki.

Oct 24th Tuesday

Fine and sunny and warm, Belinda did 2 flowers I worked more on fish, had oldies group from Traf about 10, took Ralph back to Pakenham, M minds mae who has a cold, shop and wraps for tea Pilates shopped waiting for adam then waited for adam to shop,watched mf

Oct 23rd Monday

Cloudy showery and cool, welded fish til 8.45 No power after 8.45, Mowed 1/3 sculpture garden and dug out drain at driveway,special school( 4) came out and commissioned a sign  M minds mae I help at tumblegym, M Picks up theo and take to pen pals I welded more after power came back on still 2 panels to go, did lamb chops and veges for tea, watched supermodels, dark winds and MF

Oct 22nd Sunday

Cloudy cooler and showers, Adam at caf again, Papers and dog walk then back to fish all of one side welded,turned over ready for tomorrow, did cashew chicken for tea,watched Sherwood, gruen MF

Oct 21st Saturday

Cloudy but warm cooling,Paper, picked up ralph from Pakenham, adam working at Jindi caf, I worked on fish gathering things in morning and welding parts in arvo, ½ of one side done,4 people visited,  did shepherds pie for tea watched dark winds, started to watch nancy drew, very cliched, watched henry sugar and MF

Oct 20th Friday

Fine and sunny, warm, had heart appt, did shopping at woolworths and aldi, home to mow sculpture garden,  play with Mae,2 people visited  M took mae to dance,did chicken skewers and salad for tea watched Young Sheldon, lessons in chemistry and supermodels

Oct 19th Thursday

Fine and sunny, got petrol l for mower and car, assembled second fish seat and put together 5 and ½ kookaburras, did a little bit more sanding on second letter box, mowed across rd and house block, M has Podiatrist appt. spaghetti and meatballs for tea watched take 5 natalie Imbruglia and 10 things I hate about you

Oct 18th Wednesday

Fine and sunny Noel and Rob,worked on chook planter, unload car of metal,do wood for fish seat,did second fish seat and wood, did a bit on second letter box ,picked up kids from school, took theo to music and back, did wraps for tea, watched home, bones and gruen and

Oct 17th Tuesday

Fine and coolish fined up to lovely warm and sunny day, Belinda did 2 flowers,I painted seat and finished off snail painting ,started to do wood,also did 1 letterbox and small girl plasmacut started 2 more letterboxes, picked up kids from school, got paint from bunnings, paid open studios fee,got metal from martin steel and wood from home hardware, unloaded some, had zucchini slice for tea took adam to art and me to pilates, watched MF

Oct 16th Monday

Cool and showery, worked on first fish seat all welding done, Tony and Peter there, special school ( 3) came and missed me, M minded mae in morning I helped at tumble gym then home to play and nap, picked up kids and dropped off adam took theo to pen pals and shopped at aldi, did chicken curry for tea, watched Lessons in chemistry, MF and qi

Oct 15th Sunday

Cool and dry, sad referendum failed but they did not present a clear yes case. Donnas opening in arvo, Paper and walk dog, tidied gallery and did opening, about 30 people there, did zucchini slice for tea watched flora and son, and qi and mf

Oct 14th Saturday

Cool , maybe showers, referendum day,yes case sunk, papers, shop, chemist, walk dog, work on seat and finished snail of love,reading a bit in afternoon, Adam did tea pie and salad, watched the lost flowers of alice hart, started to watch Black light but didn’t work well, Mf

Oct 13th Friday

Cold and showery most of day, appt with radiation dr at Berwick at 10.00 decided to take no action at present, home to lunch Saw Julieanne who had gardened, 2 people visited, I finished down cemetery Rd and added to my two small pieces, did snitzel for tea watched lessons in chemistry,Qi, loki and MF

Oct 12th Thursday

Warm then cool, rained most of day did 2 more characters and moved mirror mirror and the well further along, reading book by the fire, adam had more dental work, M had physio at 10 30, I made muffins and simple biscuits, did slow cooker chicken risoni thing for tea,watched last 2 dark winds and take 5 with noel Gallagher and MF, reading down the cemetery rd

Oct 11th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, take M to Orthopedic  DR (ben Brooker) at Traralgon,hot actually, Noel and Rob here working on butterfly and then  I did a bit on adding 2 characters to link and painted, reading book rest of day, In to drop adam in warragul, pick up kids took theo to music sketched, picked up adam and shopped then home to bought chicken and salad for tea, watched dark winds, Hard quiz and Mf

Oct 10th Tuesday

Fine and cool sunny breaks later, Took Ms car in for service Belinda did 2 flowers 5 people visited, I did more on elder and started link, did base part and two characters took M back to get car and help kids at end of day, I did sausages on toast for tea took adam to art and I went to Pilates, small shop, home to watch MF

Oct 9th Monday

Fine and cool sunny breaks Worked on elder sculpture, lots welded and painted, Peter and Tony worked on side car and top M minds mae I went and helped her at tumble gym, home here nap and play with mae take her back and pick up kids take theo to pen pals, small shop, reading reacher book, home to M doing tuna pasta tea, watched MF

Oct 8th Sunday

Cool and fine day quite pleasant in arvo, writers group thing in arvo, papers, walk dog, cut up pieces for elder sculpture, read in afternoon, about 20 people at writers thing, pizza for tea,watched supermodels, dark winds and mf

Oct 7th Saturday

Cool and cloudy, papers walk dog Jindi market, mowed sculpture garden, across rd and house block, saw a very big black snake behind the gallery, assembled a small piece, sold yin yang, flowers, a birdbath, and 3 of donnas unframed pieces, about 10 people visited, did steak for tea Adam out with grace, watched dark winds,MF and Qi

Oct 6th Friday

Cool and cloudy edited Donnas video,added video to you tube, tried video on tv, assembled a couple of small piece, read in house by fire, 2 visitors M off to take mae to Dance, then me to drs appt in Berwick at 3.30 quick appt back home by 4.30.meat patties for tea watched last shelter and mf and

Oct 5th Thursday

Cold and rainy, assembled a few small pieces, M went and helped Mae go to phoebe and music, I read the rest of Grone,( very involving) cooked some biscuits and did a roast for tea, went to historical society looking for a photo of the old smithy, none there, Adam had 2 teeth out, did donnas video in gallery, watched hard quiz, shelter and Luke Nguyins india

Oct 4th Wednesday

Showery all morning Noel and Rob, I assembled seat, then did elephant family, landscape scene with malleeroots, and lone elephant, off to pick up kids, M picks up mae, Take theo to music, did heart thing, Bookclub at Nepalese restaurant to discuss the promise home to watch Ashoka and MF

Oct 3rd Tuesday

Showery and grey, no Belinda, Painted seat and did wood, cold and rainy, Wayne visited, reading Grone book, sat by fire, also did most of dancer in the flowers, M went off to mind kids after school pies for tea took adam to art group, Pilates mat class, home to watch bones, slept well

Oct 2nd Monday

Fine and sunny and not windy, scan at casey at 12.30, The boys worked on a bowl and a sidecar, I assemble 2 malleeroot vases,do the rest of welding of the new butterfly seat, off to Casey, lunch at Macdonalds, home to nap do rissoles for tea watch Sheryl crow and cats and dogs, warm night then rain

October 1st Sunday

Fine and cloudy, warm blowy overnight, added to website, Daylight savings, paper,shopped, walk dog at community garden.Reading Grone, did last butterfly cut up branch that had fallen over path did another frame for mallee root  vase cleaned up starfighter and painted, and made a seat frame for butterflies, did chicken leg for tea and leftovers, watched the supermodels and dark winds and MF

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