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September 30, 2023

september diary

September diary

Sept 30th Saturday

Fine warm and cloudy, hung paintings in house, papers ,shop and dog walk, neil came and got gate, I did 2 smallish butterflies, assembled starfighter and painted mallee root again, did frame for one of the pieces, 2 people visited Grand final between collingwood and Brisbane lions, Collingwood won by a few points, great game, did chevachipas for tea watched last 2 river and MF

Sept 29th Friday

Fine and sunny, Public holiday, put up donnas ex on web, added to website with my September stuff, sanded a range of mallee root pieces, prepared a butterfly form 12 people through, did peters stained glass window stand, adam did tea, watched shelter and sisteract 2( good music but poor story)

Sept 28th Thursday

Fine and sunny, mild, M has physio appt, I did offcut bowl, Joan took away exhibition, paid joan for show, sat in sun, went to historical soc, closed, shopped for odd things made mac and cheese and chicken for tea and bolsano cake, watched river, Mexico, end of cats and MF

Sept 27th Wednesday

Cool and fine, Noel and Rob worked on windmill, I did punching bowl drs appt at 11.15, blood test M has mae and K and kids here for playdate with Louise and willow, Then k and kids off to speech therapy, 1 other visitor bought artist in the gallery, did frittata for tea , adam helped me help Donna and Mum and daughter hang exhibition. Watched who is erin carter, Ashoka and hard quiz.

Sept 26th Tuesday

Cool and fine warming up, Belinda did 2 flowers, I worked on engine and sisters and kooka, mowed across rd and nature strip,did savory mince in wraps for tea Pilates , Caleb visited , watched mF

Sept 25th Monday

Warm and cloudy odd shower, the boys worked on grinder stand and trolley, I tidy up and started the sisters and what the kookaburra saw 2 took mig bottle to be replaced, did bunnings shop and then coles.2 people visited and joan here to greet them, Tired, Adam had court but it was postponed, He did chicken skewers and salad for tea, watched shelter, MF and grand designs

Sept 24th Sunday

Fine and sunny played with kids in morning then took them home quick shop, nap, repainted merrily we roll along reading the tea ladies,6 people visited sold back to black for joan and the violinist, did sausage rolls for tea, watched river, bones and MF

Sept 23rd Saturday

Fine and sunny, Booba takes kids to puffing billy we have them for sleepover  in evening, adam off to daylesford with grace, about 10 people over the day including ena, a snake in front of the birds and dogs, mowed most of grass in afternoon, Had snitzel for tea and pies for kids, all in bed at 9.30 exhausted.

Sept 22nd Friday

Fine and sunny did labels for small sculptures put out waves piece, fixed lindas plate stands, Joan has craft group ( 20) M helps Eleanor with sewing, Em back to melb, I shop in arvo, Adam did dumplings for tea, watched last ashoka,, mf and bones ending

Sept 21st Thursday

Cool and clear,fine patches but showers too, read the catch, put spring plane on stand and did 6 dragonflies, M has physio at 10,bus group (12) visited and Linda brought back 12 of the plate stands, joan has a craft group in gallery ( 5) I did shopping, nap and reading the tea ladies, did beef chow mein for tea.watched Ashoka,mf, gruen ,

Sept 20th Wednesday

Cool and showery after a windy warmish night, Noel came and finished seat and started windmill with rob, I did 16 flowers and spring flight, writing group here and peter called in and bought a piece. Sarah Jackson also bought a piece.I wrote up a few pieces, Slow cooker tea.watched Ashoka, 10 pictures ella fitzgerald and MF

Sept 19th Tuesday

Fine and mild 26? Belinda did 2 flowers, I worked on 2 small plasmacuts and 2 small vehicles, cut out a few flower forms and cut up a pallett, did egg an bacon wraps for tea picked up em at station and went to pilates, tired, watched end of home and gruen

Sept 18th Monday

Grey and cloudy, mild, adam to psychologist with joan I work in shed with boys welding second side of waves prepared 2 small vehicles and 2 small plasmacuts,tony did a rose and peter did a grinder stand, K has washing machine delivered,took dog to vet re scratching, then home to nap and make biscuits, slowcooker chicken for tea, watched shelter and gruen and MF

Sept 17th Sunday

Fine and sunny, mow, adam to chemist, shop Joan did knitting circle 7 people, I did one side of waves sculpture,adam out for tea with grace we had quiche watched olivia Rodrigo sour and fishermans friends 2

Sept 16th Saturday

Fine and sunny, worked on Neils gate,2 people visited, all finished talked briefly to joan and adam, did sausages for tea watched river, MF 10 pictures Nelson Mandela

Sept 15th Friday

Fine and sunny, last day of term, taking mae to dance, Julieanne gardened and gathered bark, took lindas pieces with her,  pick up kids early from school, shop home to tea from adam, watched river, home ,mF and Qi.

Sept 14th Thursday

Fine and sunny, no power today from 8.45, Ruby died, have to get tablets and things from office supplies, M to physio, Joan with craft group here 5, went to Drouin for tablet prescript, haircut, to warragul for metal deposit and getting wheels, to office supplies, looked for felt for M , home for morning tea then took M to Drouin for physio, reading and nap, talked to Joan and Nicki,did spaghetti for tea, watched hardquiz, MF, Qi Wilty

Sept 13th Wednesday

Fine and sunny worked on finishing Lindas order, 17 plate stands and 2 leaves, also finished a chook , a low bird and a spring flower,set out pieces for neils gate, puzzle, rest in sun, shower out to pick up theo and take to music, did big bubbles there, minor shop and home to soup and bread, adam a bit unwell,watched Ashoka, shelter and MF ,

Sept 12th Tuesday

Fine and mild Belinda did 2 flowers start lindas pieces,did 8 of the stands and most of the other pieces cut to size and bent ,Wayne visited,after lunch sat in sun and read, tried a biscuit recipe and added to website, Adam off for an x ray, risoni on toast for tea and Pilates and adam to art group.didnt watch anything

Sept 11th Monday

Fine and mild, Eleanor to phillip island camp, I mind mae, did invitation cards , went to playground then phoebe, pies, aldi shopping, petrol, tumble gym home here via buln buln and brandy creek, The boys here working, joan walked with adam and took him to psychologist, did pasta rice recipe from Instagram for tea watched wilty and MF and shelter and bones

Sept 10th Sunday

Cool and clear, Joans opening, papers, dog park,assembled seat  tidy gallery, 76 people at opening, sold train, knitter and yin yang, did mince on wraps for tea, watched Tar very strong movie

Sept 9th Saturday

Cool and showery to start, fined up over day, stood up sculptures,papers and shopped, 4 people visited Em did most of lunch I helped, tidied, edelmans for lunch and caleb and em, theos birthday celebration and mine and davids too, presents,M did bills,  reading did fish sandwiches for tea watched who is erin carter, shelter, and MF

Sept 8th Friday

Fine and gusty to start, showers and rain all day, cold,Theos birthday ( 8)  Mae to dance then back here,played with mae, pick up eleanor then shop and home,watched qi, wilty Mf and home

Sept 7th Thursday

Fine and sunny to start, did 2 chooks and worked on painting butterfly seat, bought metal from martin and wood from home, adam to Drouin, painted wood for seat, mowed across rd and sculpture garden, 3 people visited ,rained in evening then gusty overnight  did sausages for tea adam out to Japan restaurant with mum, watched Ashoka, MF, wilty and hard quiz

Sept 6th Wednesday

Fine and sunny to start, Noel worked on seat all painted, I work on other side of butterfly and seat, take M to mobility store and pick up her story from printer, Book group in evening at Yarragon pub, home to watch mf and wilty

Sept 5th Tuesday

Fine and sunny to start,then rained on and off all day Belinda did 2 flowers, worked on butterfly for seat back, Bear and ivan coming for lunch, nice talk, Joan did video with Julian, 5 visitors, Adam did soup for tea, took him to art group and me to pilates, home to watch MF

Sept 4th Monday

Fine and sunny,most of day rained in evening, The boys worked on their own, Took Mae to 2 different playgrounds, Mae to phoebe, aldi shop, Mae to tumblegym, back here for lunch played with mae, 2 naps did wraps for tea adam to jui jitsu, watched part of bones Caleb came through to pick up Ralph and helped M with her witch story for the kids

Sept 3rd Sunday

Fine and sunny papers, walk at community garden, work on doing butterfly for back of seat, adding joans pics to website, did what the kookaburra saw, and finished frypan face,6 visitors, reheated Mexican lasagna for tea, watched last 2 justified and Qi

Sept 2nd Saturday

Fine and sunny, papers, shopped, put out yin yang, and assembled small pieces and took to gallery started seat frame, finished rivergirl, did small lion and started frypan face,7 visitors bought 2 belinda flowers, did lamb chops for tea, watched wheel of time who is erin carter and MF

Sept 1st Friday

Fine and mild, took mae to dance, then home, chased her around then back to pick up kids and home to their house, did Mexican lasagna for tea watched sister act and MF

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