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April 2, 2024

work done March

March diary

Sunday 31st

Misty, off to Sale to see annameike mein exhibition, excellent, spent an hour there then back. Sun came out as we got back to Traralgon, home for nap, did lasagna with Mexican beans leftovers, watched steve martin doco part 1, and 2 more derry girls.

Saturday 30th

Fine and sunny, shopped worked on big  piece and fixed handpiece on welder, did chicken and rice and pesto recipe for tea, watched behind enemy lines and renegade Nell,and derry girls,  M talked to Don and K

Friday 29th

Good Friday, Fine and sunny, smoky, M to go and get em ,small family visited, I start big piece   did sausages for tea, watched John Farnham and

Thursday 28th

Fine and grey, move pedestals help with taking down exhibition and put up wendy exhibition  2 visitors, play with bracing flower and small vase form with copper flower, did mince rice Mexican thing for tea, watched pop 11, gray , bones and death and other ,

Wednesday 27th

Fine and mild, dry still, Noel finished another planter from a drum, I did bird and clouds, second banding bird and girl in the flowers, and 4 chooks,stopped at 11, writing group here adam off to wilsons prom, M minding kids all day I visited at 2.30, played with mae, shopped home to do steak for tea watched pop 11, cats and dogs and Jaime lee Curtis doco

Tuesday 26th

Fine and mild, Belinda did 2 flowers, I started small bracing birds and prepared several small bits, finished tomorrow book, M picked up kids in arvo, did fish balls in a wrap for tea took adam to art and we had pilates, watched adam hills

Monday 25th

Fine and cool, the boys did a cat stand and grinder stand, I worked on a dog and a bird and finishing seat, M made bed and washed linen picked up kids at end of day, Idid chicken muck for tea, watched pop 11, the gentlemen

March 24th Sunday

Fine and cooler, finished seat frame and painted, did wood for seat started book tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow,  snitzel for tea watched Oppenheimer

March 23rd Saturday

Fine and cool, shopped to get blower back, aldi and Drouin, did seat frame and part of back 8 people visited sold a shoe box , walked around sculpture garden, did spanakopita for tea watched 3 body problem( good) and I literally just told you that, and pop 11

March 22nd Friday

Fine and sunny, went to morwell to get springs, called in at gallery to see photo show and went for lunch at mid valley, home for nap, M picks up kids I add to website did chicken skewers for tea, watched pop 11

March 21st Thursday

Fine and mild, I started on trampoline but needed more flap discs so went and did shopping and bought welding rods flap discs a new broom, finished trampoline and did another ring bird and did laminating of labels for small pieces.1 visitor  Wrote up some more small pieces in arvo and M went to pick up kids. Chicken for tea watched hard quiz adam hills and the new look

March 20th Wednesday

Fine and mild after a cool and showery start. It was out 48th wedding anniversary. I made 3 small pieces, fish eyes lens, trees in landscape and another girl in line. Noel finished one of his garden beds and got a bit started on the second, John came and worked on his last working day before flying home, We had to go and mind kids in evening. We had pizza for tea and heard readers etc. K and D were home at 9 45.

March 19th Tuesday

Fine and warm changing, cloudy, Belinda did 2 flowers happier today I did 2 dogs and cleaned up and assembled and painted the 3 small pieces from yesterday, reading bernie Taupin’s autobiography M to pick up and feed kids before coming home, chicken balls in wraps for tea then Pilates  watched Mr and Mrs smith.

March 18th Monday

Fine and sunny, another restless night, the boys worked on boot stand and angle grinder  stand, 2 visitors with kids, I assembled 2 dish  birdfeeder, cut out 3 plasmacuts,finished reading cutters end, good, made chicken balls for tea, M off to take Eleanor to dance and pick up. Had pizza from adam for tea, watched shogun and Bones

March 17th Sunday

Fine and sunny, kids go home by 10.00, 1 visitor, worked on cutting out dishes for 2 dish birdfeeder, welded them sort of together, replaced plasmacutter with second one, reading cutters end, did lasagna for tea watched 11 pop, Victorious, and Gray

March 16th Saturday

Fine and sunny light breeze, shopped painted bits on seats and wood and assembled white seat and fish seat, put out cruciform sculpture , bavis, Amanda, judy and amy were in gallery from 100 to 3 about 6 people, 3 naps as tired from not sleeping well, did pies for tea as we had theo and Mae for the night, chased kids about and listened to readers.

March 15th Friday

Fine and mild breezy, worked on adding second coat to flower form and finishing welding fish seat, reconditioned flower seat from up yard, 2 visitors updated exhibition list on website bought a timber length for seat, M chased kids at end of day did spaghetti for tea watched Eras concert by Taylor Swift

March 14th Thursday

Cool and odd showers,worked on finishing flower form and did fish for back of fish seat, 3 naps after a poor nights sleep, did sausages for tea watched the gentlemen and Adam Hills

March 13th Wednesday

Cool and showers, No noel, assembled flower for top of sculpture and tidied up fish edges, Writers group, reading a poor detective book, Tim for lunch did cheesy garlic chicken for tea M to help with kids at end of day, watched last criminal record and The new look and hard quiz, Caleb called by

March 12th Tuesday

Cool again, Belinda in bad mood, calmed down after some welding, worked on flower forms and seat back, John came and worked, wraps for tea No adam as he is in Drouin, Pilates mat class, watched last trigger point and last mf

March 11h Monday

Labour day holiday still hot but Cooler today, The boys worked on projects I started on fish for seat back did seat frame and also bits on flower form, reading end of the poppy war

March 10th Sunday

Another hot day took adam to caf went shopping for a new clock and other things, back to be quiet in the house,reading

March 9th Saturday

Fine and warm to hot, went and bought white paint and seat wood after a quick visit to Rokeby Market. Amanda and amy and Judy were at the gallery and sold 3 of my small pieces, about 8 visitors, I mainly stayed in the house reading the poppy war and napping, did garlic ginger chicken for tea, watched Napoleon( well done and involving) and MF

March 8th Friday

Fine and warm, fixing possum hole, M to pick up mae,and bring her home, played with mae, M  pick up kids I did snitzel for the watched last culprits and Gray and MF

March 7th Thursday

Mild and still,warmed up  added to writing for pieces, working on big piece, shopped and dropped off blower for fixing,cooked pasta chicken M to help with kids in afternoon adam for tea, watched hard quiz and culprits,

March 6th Wednesday

Cloudy but fine, Noel, work on garden bed or fire pit legs parts,I filled most of second big piece part 2 and did a small bull head, Writers group here about 13 people, M helps with kids at end of day, Book club discussing lemnny marks gets away with murder with jude, anne, sue and uta, home to watch adam hills and caleb rang up

March 5th Tuesday

Fine and warm, unloaded car and put bases on 5 plasmacuts and painted,No Belinda, started new big piece, John came and worked Mowed behind house, M helped with kids at end of day, I did meatballs for wraps for tea Pilates I survived , watched shogun and MF

March 4th Monday

Fine and mild, the boys worked on grinder etc I did 4 plasmacuts and ordered and got steel from Martin steel, did 2 loads of washing, nap, did shashliks for tea watched criminal intent and wilty and MF

March 3rd Sunday

Cool and cloudy  did heart thing, take adam to barn work on birds from yesterday Opening of DAJA exhibition about 25 people. Fish and chip tea, watched

March 2nd Saturday

Cool and cloudy odd showers, drove adam up to Barn quick look at market came home and tidied Gallery did a flower and started 2 smallish birds, printing labels for show 10 visitors  M went shopping I did chow mein for tea watched American fiction ok  the new look and MF

March 1st Friday

Fine and sunny got warm but had a nice breeze, M off to take kids swimming and for day as they have curric day, I did signs for sculptures, laminated them, did another flower and vase, helped a bit with Amy and Amanda putting up exhibition, was expecting new car but put off to tomorrow, reading Dalgleish, did sausages and triangles for tea watched criminal intent and Shogun and MF

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