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May 1, 2024

April Diary

April diary

Tues 30th

Cool and mild, Belinda did 2 flowers, wayne visited, I finished welding the second side of the first piece and cut out Kelpie and girl with flowers, sent off letter to David and shopped for hinges and general shopping did sausage wraps for tea Pilates, watched Qi and wilty

Mon 29th

Cool and showery to begin, set out big piece and started welding, the boys finished cat face and worked on muffler cover and rocket stove, wrote the letter to David, I made fish and chips for tea watched fallout and sugar and

Sun 28th

Fine and sunny, mild, worked on front panel of firescreen,mostly welded, 4 people visited, picked up gardivalia stuff, made a satay beef noodle for tea watched how to poison a planet, and Red eye and a big mood

Sat 27th

Fine and sunny adam off with grace kayaking, I shopped in Drouin, started on firescreen did 2 side panels, M to help K made prawn risoni for tea, watched 2 episodes of silent witness and 1 bones

Fri 26th

Cool and grey, Julianne gardened, I finished 2 dragonflies and 6 birds on sticks, talked to Charmaine, added photos to website for Ross’ exhibition, did honey mustard chicken and rice for tea, watched second half of rebel moon ( great effects cliched story and ponderous music, and last nell

Thurs 25th

Anzac day holiday, cool and showery, M went to service to support k and kids, I unloaded car, started on dragonfly wings and eyes, helped ross and Babara set up exhibition, nap, wrote up a few pieces , reheated lasagna for tea, watched lemnos doco, swift street , Nell, and creative types Marta dusseldorp

Wed 24th

Cool and showery Noel started 2 dragonflies, Wendy took down exhibition did ball in log started cutting up characters delivered kooka on log, picked up steel at Martin shopped did chicken Kiev for tea watched 3 body problem, the gentlemen, hard quiz, Miriam Margolyes,

Tues 23rd

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers, I finished blue bird and girl and ball,did 9 flowers did wraps for tea Pilates, watched red eye,

Mon 22nd

Fine and sunny, the boys , assemble a range of small pieces climbing house prices, negative gearing , 7 visitors did 2 pelicans, did lamb casserole for tea, watched sugar , bones

Sun 21st

Cool and cloudy,fined up in afternoon,  gardivalia, paint wood again and assemble a few pieces do more on house pieces, shop at Drouin had 60 people through sold kooka on post and flowers and a Belinda flower, had thai for tea watched bluey the sign, the weekly, antiques roadshow, vera.

Sat 20th

Fine and sunny, Gardivalia, move cut up branches now we have wheel for trailer back,painted girl with ball and added to small bird pieces painted wood backings and bases, did 2 house pieces, 50 people through sold some bits, M went to big w with K, did chicken pinwheels for tea watched fallout , Albanian archeololgical gems and creative types with Raf Bonachella

Friday 19th

Fine and mild, got gas from warragul , shopped for dog medicine, aldi, sanding belts cat food, wheel and chainsaw, home for morning tea then worked on birds and girl and ball and small houses, M chased kids did sausages for tea, watched scoop movie, excellent acting from rupert sewell and billie piper, also Jimmy carr standup show, lots of joke on the borderline, not overly funny

Thursday 18th

Fine and mild worked on starting red birds, added ball to girl,M chased kids in afternoon review of open studios at Helens, home to bed early

Wednesday 17th April

fine and mild, mowed sculpture garden, Bear and Ivan visited, assembled 2 birdfeeders 3 visitors did chicken skewers and zucchini slice for tea, watched Renegade nell,hard quiz,

Tuesday 16th April

Fine and cool, bought bolts for vyce, attached vyce worked on birdbaths pieces Belinda did 2 flowers, did an invoice for Belinda went and bought new sheet of corten, m chased kids in arvo to tumblegym and speech therapy, I finished lola in the mirror  did chicken burgers for tea Pilates, watched sugar and

Mon 15th April

Fine and mild, the boys, work on 7 flowers and started on 1 birdbaths, cut up a pallet and added to cat face, shopped for a vyce in arvo  and mig tips and aldi shopping, home to do chevachipis and veges for tea watched cats and bones

Sun 14th

Fine and mild but cooled at end, did 10 flowers and small plasmacut cat head, 40 people through open studios, tiring day, Andrew picked up 3 seats and 4 belinda flowers,pizza tea watched temples of Cambodia and vera

Sat 13th April

Cool and mild, set up for open studios, wrote up a few pieces 80 people through including 30 in bus at end, tiring day, did fish and mashed potato for tea, watched argyle( some good stunts but just fluff

Friday 12th April

Cool and mild, worked in shed fixed rake, added to alphabet bird, added to holder, started cleaning standing girl, cut out house windows, worked on Juttas mailbox, shopped in arvo, nap, did chicken rissoles for tea watched 3 body problem, the gentlemen, ally mcbeal

Thursday 11th April

Cool Julieanne gardened, Marian drove me to casey for ct scan,home again read most of afternoon did spaghetti for tea watched derry girls, gray,

Wednesday 10th April

Cool and showery, Noel worked on piglet, I did wood for seat, bits for standing girl  M did bills, loaded up car with books for bookfair ( 20 bags) adam did japanese curry for tea watched hard quiz, sugar, and gray

Tuesday 9th April

Cool and showery no Belinda, finished welding seat together and painted, did a bit on standing girl and finished other peoples shoes,M took kids swimming , Sue dropped in for a a chat, did shopping had quiche for tea Adam back, went to Pilates watched

Mon 8th April

Cool and showery, the boys worked on another bootrack and I did the seat frame and started on fish, chicken and pasta for tea, watched vera again and bones

Sun 7th April

Rained all night maybe showers daylight saving change over, tidy gallery for opening, finished the holder, opening had 16 people all enjoyed it, sold a cocky, fish and chip tea watched Vera

Sat 6th April.

Cloudy maybe showers, Jindi market  did a bit on small pieces,10 visitors, sold upside down cat, 3 belinda flowers and 6 flowers, shopped did Indian for tea watched second part of Steve, bit ambling, watched last two episodes of pop 11

Friday 5th April

Fine day with sunny bits, put out badge sculpture, cleaned leaves from front of gallery went for heart appt sorted out when to change over battery for pace maker, bought penetrol at bunnings worked a bit on small pieces, read rest of crimson lake book 2, M payed my rego and sorted other bills, I did chicken burgers for tea, watched the new look, pop 11 and derry girls and kate bush doco

Thursday 4th April

Autumn day M took em back to melb and took down family history stuff from Madge to Dons, I worked on 2 small pieces grinder dog and song and dance, started on another piece shopped had pies for tea watched pop 11  and derry girls

Wednesday 3rd April

Grey and showery, Noel and Nicky worked on pig, I cleaned up and painted big piece,( Badge) and prepared 3 or so small pieces, M off to help K with kids at concert, I did email for wendy exhibition, book club tea at golf club tonight home to watch 1 nell

Tuesday 2nd April

Cloudy and showery to begin, Belinda in good mood did 2 flowers, I finished back of big piece and started cleaning up with grinder, wrap of honey chicken for tea, worked fairly poorly, Pilates watched 2 derry girls and nell

Monday 1st April

Fine and sunny, change later the boys worked  on projects I started on back of big piece got about 2/3 done, nap shop did sausage rolls for tea Rained all night 50 mm ,Caleb came also gave M the stewardess series as a birthday pres, watched one episode then 2 more deryy girls, em and caleb talked on into night.

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