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February 29, 2024

February diary

February diary

Feb 29th Thursday

Coolish and mild, set gallery for incoming exhibition,off to look at a car at motor wreckers, bought car, home for morning tea 2 girls setting up ½ exhibition, helped a bit mowed sculpture garden parts nap reading book,zucchini slice and spaghetti for tea M off to take kids to longwarry,talked to em watched mr and mrs smith and Adam Hills

Feb 28th Wednesday

Fine and warm, not the horrendous day they forecast, made 3 flowers and cut up a small gas bottle for a vase, No Noel Marians Birthday M off with Mae gymnastcis, I slept poorly last night so nap, write up some projects, adam at barn did a cake and sausage rolls for Ms birthday tea, watched death and other details, Caleb rang up, watched eddie murphy doco

Feb 27th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, mower off to be fixed, did 4 birds adam at barn,  Belinda did 2 flowers, John worked in shed,  2 visitors finished we begin at the end, good after a bit, did simple hamburgers for tea M to Pilates I watched the world at war and other bits and MF

Feb 26th Monday

Cool and misty to begin, the boys Tony to help cut up fallen branch, I work on landscape plasmacut, M to wait for Ks dryer delivery and Eleanor had ravioli for tea watched bones and culprits and MF

Feb 25th Sunday

fine and sunny became warm, then cool, took adam to caf, 6 visitors across day,worked on nose to nose, 12 flowers finished reading sandman, helen rang up,did silverside for tea, watched mr and mrs smith, trigger point and MF

Feb 24th Saturday

Cool and mild, took adam to barn, shopped worked on repainting blue wrens and older kite flier cut out 2 plasmacuts, did chicken kiev for tea watched the new look and criminal intent

Feb 23rd Friday

Cool and grey,assembled and painted blue wren stand, also did master of letters, Julieanne gardened by cutting up fallen branches, 2 visitors, reading rest of the chain,M helped with kids at end of day, I did roast chicken pieces for tea, watched culprits and percy Jackson and MF

Feb 22nd Thursday

Fine and sunny hot, put together 3 blue wrens and then went to house to read rest of day did potato salad and watched culprits and

Feb 21st Wednesday

Fine And sunny,, still preparing for colonoscopy, down to casey at 12, took out a pre cancerous nodule, home after 5, quiet night, watched adam hills and hard quiz and MF

Feb 20th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did 2 dogs, Wayne visited , Harley Watts and daughter taya visited then John arrived and worked in shed 4 other visitors M helped kids at end of day I started on clearing out colon, Caleb visited and M went to Pilates, watched cats and countdown, MF and Bones

Feb 19th Monday

Fine and sunny after grey start, did 2 small characters, Tony and Pete cut up fallen tree branch I helped load it on trailer and put on pile and by shed, stuffed from doing that, read most of day, had started prep for colonoscopy, had 2 minute noodles for tea, M had rest of zucchini pie, watched trigger point and MF and American looking for roots

Feb 18th Sunday

Took adam to barn reading Bernard cornwell uthred , shopped and updated diary, mow sculpture garden, 10 people visited Don and Pauli for afternoon tea made a feta zucchini pie watched the new look, culprits.

Feb 17th Saturday,

took adam to barn worked on finishing star dreamer and attached girl to stand and painted, four people visited, sold 2 dogs, did tuna pasta for tea and made ted lasso biscuits from Instagram, watched endeavour , bit of darby and joan and criminal intent

Feb 16th Friday

Fine and mild, worked on finishing girl and doing more on star dreamer, mowed across rd and nature strip, nap did one pan chicken and cumin, ok but wont do it again, watched culprits and Percy Jackson and MF

Feb 15th Thursday

Fine and mild, no power, went and had shower at pool, picked up stuff from car, charged devices, and visited dr Cramerie,get over it, Power on when we got home, read and watch last episode of Nemesis did rissoles for tea with adam too. Watched flash point and MF

Feb 14th Wednesday

Fine and warm, no power, big towers down near Anakie, read spectacled bear, and started magpie murders and Twat files by dawn French, did chicken skewers for tea, read again

Feb 13th Tuesday

Fine and hot Belinda did one flower, I prepared lots of small pieces then came up and read, finished Stephen fry saving the spectacled bear, napped, M to pilates, not on, took adam home from art did wraps for tea, I didn’t go as still a bit sore from car accident, Power out in late afternoon,  5 visitors ,rain band, , read until light went, early night

Feb 12th Monday

Fine and sunny, warm, the boys worked on roses and fence strainers, I assembled skipping girl and detailed head, finished reading slow horses 7, started magpie murders M did share stuff, 3 visitors, did sausages and salad for tea watched criminal record , and MF and gruen

Feb 11th Sunday

Fine and sunny warmed up adam to caf, julieanne gardened, reading next slow horses, went to look as secondhand cars and shopped in warragul, home to another quiet day reading, M checked in with kids, doing lasagna for tea, watched trigger point, and MF

Feb 10th Saturday

Fine and mild sunny, adam to caf I do some work on dog letterbox mowed a bit of sculpture garden and house block, people coming to pick up mailbox man 6 people visited, read rest of dogsbody, did lamb koftas for tea, watched last fool me once, Qi and MF

Feb 9th Friday

Fine and cloudy warmed up I help judge sculpture show with David Kerr from Morwell gallery, a pleasant person and an interesting task. Keith picked me up and drove me home, slept for an hour, did chops for tea, K and D and Theo back from Melbourne, watched cats countdown and fool me once

Feb 8th Thursday,

Fine and mild, bit of napping as leg has settled down, Fine and sunny, M off to physio and ringing around re theo, taking it quietly, Did heart book, M off minding girls while K goes to Melbourne to possibly pick up david and theo, decided another night observation, had market curry for tea watched nemesis, another marvel show

Feb 7th Wednesday

Fine and sunny,people came to look at man holding mailbox, noel and nicki worked on planters, I helped and did a bird, Went to warragul for mig gas,had to go and pick up kids from school then supposedly take Eleanor to Boobas house and Theo to Ninjas, Car had an electrical fault and in trying to get it going it got away from me crossed road, thru fence and rolled down hill squashing me with the open door and hitting theo when he jumped out of it. All sore and sorry, My pants were dragged down and Kathleen and Eleanor saw what happened, David soon arrived and took theo to hospital where he stayed until transferred to monash childrens. Car was dragged out of paddock by tow service with a tractor and dean took it off to yard. Home to watch hard quiz and didn’t sleep at night due to foot being bent upward towards knee by car, made a very restless leg if horizontal.

Feb 6th Tuesday

Fine and mild, no Belinda, worked on mailbox character, got him finished and assembled except for mailbox, added legs to dress and cut out other parts, John working on projects, M minds kids after school I help at 4.30 as she takes Eleanor to dance, Home to do wraps for tea adam to art group, Pilates, No Marian as still sore, shopping, home watched mf

Feb 5th Monday

Fine and cloudy, coolish, The boys worked on a gate and a rose, I added to face of character for mailbox and a bit of dress, Annie and phil picked up heavy to light, reading uthred and sandman, did steak and gozleme for tea, no adam, watched last two episodes of boy swallows universe, and MF

Feb 4th Sunday

Fine and sunny hot later, took adam to barn, worked in shed on head and dress, kid came to do some plasmacutting and man came in arvo to see exhibition, put up video on you tube, shopped, chicken skewers for tea watched fool me once, boy swallows universe and MF

Feb 3rd Saturday

Fine and sunny Julieanne to garden, took adam to barn, walked dog at oval, vacuumed gallery, went to market for cakes, welded a bit more on girls dress ,Zoe opening today, did video on Ipad then couldn’t get it to be accessible on computer, 30 plus people at zoes opening, Anjie bought repaired heart, did plasma cut demos, did snitzel and rice for tea watched the creator, impressive effects, a slightly muddled story but ok, then MF

Feb 2nd Friday

Fine and mild, cloudy,welded a bit on girls dress , Zoe to set up exhibition, I take M to casey for small medical procedure, deliver Lisa seat, reading samurai William, home after 5.30 to do toasted sandwich tea , watched trigger point, MF

Feb 1st Thursday

Fine and mild, cloudy, read all the comments on the video Kathleen or em put up on facebook, Lots of good wishes for the Australia day award, welded a bit on girls dress, updated the website and wrote the email for Zoes exhibition opening on Saturday. Going to take clef to werners at Harmers Haven, Rang grant last night to see if we could see him but he has just been diagnosed with covid, did curried sausages for tea watched MF, boy swallows world and fool me once and bit of cats countdown.

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