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January 31, 2024

January diary

Jan diary2024

Jan 31st Wednesday

Fine mild day maybe cloudy, Noel and Nicki,finished up windmill, noels dad picked it up Writers group at gallery, I took down gazette for them to see article on Don gettining OAM,  I added to girls dress made from offcuts, John did creatures til 5ish, Lisa takes down exhibition,made marinara spaghetti for tea, watched we are the world doco on apple and MF

Jan 30th Tuesday

Fine cool day warmed up, Belinda did 2 flowers, seemed happy, I added to head of post box figure , assembled butterfly seat and started dress of skipping girl, Wayne visited John came and worked, I went to Dandenong for a visit to see about colonoscopy, back home did rissoles for tea Pilates, watched mF and Qi

Jan 29th Monday

Fine and sunny, M takes kids to pool, tax person and Mattress delivered, I finished welding Lisas seat, bought wood for seat, shopped, paid metal recycler, picked up gracies tablets, did chicken pieces and salad for tea, no adam, watched tin star, cats countdown MF and

Jan 28th Sunday

Fine and coolish,fined up by morning tea lovely day, adam to Barn, M to Pakenham and caleb with kids, I start Lisas seat, put arms and neck on mailbox figure, 20 people over the day, lisa sold a painting and I sold a couple of small things, finished skeleton man by tony Hillerman, Julieanne whippersnipped gardens near the driveway, did spaghetti for tea, watched boy swallows universe, MF and Qi

Jan 27th Saturday

Fine and mild a bit breezy, took adam to work got paper shopped, started assembling torso of letterbox man, mowed sculpture garden 8 visitors and 2 kids, made a few more labels for sculpture garden, pizza for tea watched vera

Jan 26th Friday

Fine and breezy mild finish calebs couple and added to mailbox character did another pelican, talked to Viv collins and johanna, Lisa and david came and sold a print,( 2 visitors) I made alphabetical listing of sculpture garden and continued finding their write ups for the file, nap, had burritos for tea, M took kids to Australia day activities in morning watched Australia day concert in sydney.

Jan 25th Thursday

Coolish worked on calebs couple and finished other bird, walked the sculpture garden, rained in afternoon, M brought kids home in arvo and I chased them as required, finished joe country, community dinner talked to wally and trisha, and other family, watched Qi and MF

Jan 24th Wednesday

Warm and breezy, Noel and Nicki worked on windmill, I did 2 and ½ birds, painted sticks and stones again and also ring bird 2 piece, writers group back, wayne dropped  in  naps and worked at adding to sculpture garden folder, Australia day presentation in evening I was awarded a good volunteer award, home to watch cats countdown and MF

Jan 23rd Tuesday

Cool but warmed up, worked on small bird piece, did boots for character, mowed house block and across rd, added udder to goat, reading joe country after finishing Lenny marks, picked up metal from longwarry, did sausage in bread for tea Pilates, watched criminal intent, and MF

Jan 22nd Monday

Cool and grey, the boys, finish welding sticks and stones and painted, Drs appt, Raymond leaving,nap finished small landscape, had lamb chops for tea watched  MF

Jan 21st Sunday

Cool and mild, worked on sticks and stones and small landscape and bird, Lisa had about 10 people here, met chunyung zhang who wrote a book on china and introduced me to assemblage, had thai for tea watched Roberta flack doco and fool me once and MF

Jan 20th Saturday

Cool and mild, adam to Barn, refixed gate at Ks, worked on sticks and stones one side done, Lisa has a second opening with about 40 people ,Lindsays birthday tea home by 9.30

Jan 19th Friday

Cool and odd showers, assembled three little pieces from yesterday and started sticks and stones, did a zucchini slice for tea, M worked on tax stuff watched tin star and fixed gate at K’s

Jan 18th Thursday

Coolish and breezy, started lenny marks,worked on cowboy, ringbird and mowed ½ sculpture garden. Also printed off 12 title sheets for sculptures in sculpture garden, 3 people visited and gave me a few orders, shopped for welding wire and rods and shopping, home for nap, snitzel for tea watched reacher, bones and MF

Jan 17th Wednesday

Coolish and mild day, showers, M and em fed Ks animals then took em home, Noel and Nicki, worked on windmill I do 2 pelicans and worked on cowboy, bird and small dancer, painted dragonflies again,nap, finished mars story, 3 people in gallery with Lisa who sold another big painting, did casserole with lamb bits for tea,watched last fargo,boy swallows universe and young sheldon


Fine, warmed up but ok, Belinda did 2 flowers, feeling a bit better this week, I did back of dragonfly seat and painted seat and wood,Finished My Brother Jack, read another sandman comic and started on mars story, John from Scotland arrived and did some work, nap M and em did shares chicken wraps for tea, Pilates watched adam hills and MF

Jan 15th Monday

Breezy fine warm painted clef again, painted heavy to light, tidy up, the boys did a headphones stand and more on the angle cutter, I did another seat frame and several dragonflies, started two small pieces, M got em off the train, 3 people after lunch bought another painting, Lisa back after lunch, I went and delivered seat to Berwick and brought back scrap, doing fish cakes for tea, watched point break, young Keaunu and Patrick Swayze, and cats countdown.

Jan 14th Sunday

Cool became warmer and breezy, dropped off adam, worked on clef piece finished welding cleaning and 1 coat of paint,8 visitors talked to lisa, bought penetrol at bunnings, made chicken Mexican rice for tea, watched Fargo,Asian civilizations in Japan and MF

Jan 13th Saturday

Coolish and cloudy, dropped off adam., walked dog, got paper and shopping, mow under sculptures. Lisa grant opening 2.00 had 60 people sold $5000 of work, did steak sandwiches for tea watched reacher and role play movie bill nighy caley kuoco, mediocre

Jan 12th Friday

Fine and grey to begin, warmed up to a hot dry day 32, managed to airdrop video from old I pad to new one and ready for opening, uploaded to you tube,talked to bonnie at gazette re music and meet the artist, off to see Don and Pauli and Daphne, drop off tool chest and Sarinas gifts and xmas pressies,( forgot and had to go back to do it)  back to get report on scan, seems no change, am to have a colonoscopy, home to nap, did tuna pasta and salad for tea, watch Tin star and mega builds claridges, K rang up

Jan 11th Thursday

Fine and grey to begin then warm and sunny most of day, ,add lisas pictures to website, see about covid shots, mattress, Water cleaner, shop, about 8 visitors Lisa back at 1.00 to straighten and space, do video talked to Lisa naps did sausages in rolls for tea  watched fargo grand designs adam hills and MF

Jan 10th Wednesday

Fine and mild warm, Noel and nicki, started one of two windmills, I work on edges of curve,I did one small pine cone fly too  help set up lisa grant exhibition, maybe help K with kid delivery, M to take em back,Lisa had a whole team( 7)  to help set up exhibition and they cleaned the walls and doors swept cleaned the pedestals and almost anything else  Adam back again, did savoury mince for tea watched reacher, Harlan coben and wilty and mf

Jan 9th Tuesday

Cool and breezy fined up, Belinda was feeling down and a bit crook so only did one flower, Unload car and work on edges of curve still more to go, mowed across rd, planted 4 trees, fish and chip tea, bought wood for new seat and discs and clock and a battery for scale, watched bones, cats countdown and MF

Jan 8th Monday

Cloudy drizzle then rain, the boys  worked on twisted metal and a grinder stand I assemble big piece and started covering edges, went to Martin steel for 10mm rod for Belinda, Raining all day and lots of water over the roads, shopped at coles then home for nap, did chicken casserole for tea, Em and M tidying and sorting cupboards and cleaning side verandah Kathleen and Mae rang up we watched a symphonic experience with Brian cox and MF

Jan 7th Sunday

Fine and muggy cloudy showers later, finished welding second side of side 2 of curve, Julieanne gardened, off to take Emily to calebs and have lunch at whelans  3 visitors, home for nap, sandwiches for tea watched cats countdown and end of billy Connelly in America.

Jan 6th Saturday

Fine and clear warmish, get paper, walk dog work on second side of curve all welded on one side and started on second side, mowed a bit of sculpture garden Glynis and Phillip dropped in and talked for a bit, did hamburgers for tea and watched salt burn not liked by Emily  and MF

Jan 5th Friday

Fine and sunny warmish with a nice breeze, M to pick up em and theos shorts, I work on curve piece all of one side done both sides welded, took most of day 3 visitors, reading sandman and my brother jack, pizza tea, watched 4 episodes of percy Jackson and the Olympians and MF

Jan 4th Thursday

Misty cloudy coolish , work in shed start big piece, do heart thing worked on small juggler piece then started outline of big piece, Jade woodlock and family visited , hot and muggy at times in arvo,Talked to jeff, Reading the tilt, shopped in Drouin, did leftovers for tea watched tin star, Grand designs transformations and MF restless night, warmish lots of wees and farting dog

Jan 3rd Wednesday

Cloudy and showery, have to go for cat scan at Monash at 1.00, assembled some small pieces in shed then did puzzles . Wrote up 4 more titles for small pieces Drove down in the rain, did cat scan and M drove home, reading the tilt, did sausage rolls for tea M talked to em and K ,watched maestro about leonard Bernstein, strong great performances, up half the night ,lots of wees and dog wanting to go out

Jan 2nd Tuesday

Fine and mild light cloud, fine and sunny morning, Belinda did 2 flowers, M had a day at home, I prepared work while Belinda was welding, did speedy, feet for shoe boxes, grinded my juggler, tidied a bit more in back room, made another box all glued, Mick came after Belinda left and I helped him learn to weld better lady from writers group brought her daughter and granddaughter,Then 2 others bought a flower with butterfly and talked about a moustache for their house, Got up to lunch about ¼ past 2 dirty and very tired had lunch did puzzles on age digital edition and then nap, got report back from bowel cancer people and have some blood in poo, reading view from the cheap seats and foundations edge, M bought milk and bread and salmon patties for tea raining for an hour in evening, watched spike milligan doco and young sheldon

Jan 1st  Monday

Fine and sunny, M worked on tax and shares all day,updated website,unloaded kindling wood from shed, worked on renovating 2 small shoe boxes, made a pine cone insect and a start of a pinecone headdress juggler, finished off 2 of the small pieces and also the metal for among the trees, Pete came and worked on cut off grinder for a bit, I finished the red priest book, and started sandman comic series, Tara Veen hoff and Riley her brother came to say hello for a while, Nap made fish and chip tea, watched big fat quiz of year and a bit of Aretha Franklin

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