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June 30, 2024

June diary

June Diary

June 30th Sunday

Showery over the day, finished off hungry hearts and did 4 plasmacut s from sketches off tv last night, combined 3 of them also made most of “courting” and tried to get tv in gallery going, reading bundle of lies, did snitzel and chips and salad for tea M went shopping for milk,

June 29th Saturday

Cool and showers, helped Ingrid label paintings, started the hungry hearts, shopped in Drouin, fixed chair again, small family visited, uploaded piccys to Ingrid page, chicken parcels for tea, watched 100 coundown classical, wilty, big bang

June 28th Friday

Fine and sunny, tidied book, updated work done, shopped, get metal, Ingrid to put up exhibition fixed chair in lounge did pizza for tea, watched gene wilder doco, presumed innocent and big bang and geek girl

June 27th Thursday

Fine and sunny, did a flower wreath and boxing match, Jessie took down exhibition paid jessie, 2 visitors made tuna rissoles and muffins, M picked up kids did tuna rissoles and fried rice for tea watched celine dion doco, big bang and redqueen

June 26th Wednesday

Fine and sunny after a shower, Kathleen off to wonthaggi so up early for m to get kids ready for school, Noel and craig here working on giraffe, I made 2 flower circles shopped at bunnings for multi tool and aldi, 10 visitors made slice, sausages and mash for tea watched hard quiz, M talked to Dave, watched the acolyte, and big bang

June 25th Tuesday

Cool and grey Belinda did 2 flowers, I worked on base for off cut flower piece all together and I coat of paint made folded wraps for tea Pilates watched big bang and bones

June 24th Monday

Cool and clear, the boys worked on sign and pizza oven, I  finish second side of ring start on detail M to pick up kids from school and take mae to gumnuts did risoni chicken and salami for tea, watched criminal minds, the cleaner ladies in black and big bang

June 23rd   Sunday

Fine and sunny, Julieanne to garden , M to help with dance concert, I start to assemble first side of offcut ring, and get ½ way through second side, Julieanne takes 3 sheets of offcut metal and 2 blue boards,3 visitors including bec van dyk and zoe,  made slow cooker stew for tea watched Eiffel tower doco, wilty and spicks and specks,

June 22nd Saturday

Fine and sunny, cool at times, did circleframe for offcut pieces cut out most of offcut pieces finished shimmering skies, made sausage rolls for tea watched criminal minds, hard quiz kids  and renovation aust.

June 21st  Friday

Cool and showery, M to mind theo all day, second coat on engine, did fairy ring and revived battered fairy, shopped Geoff Harrison visited Jessies exhibition did chicken pieces for tea watched wilty Men in Black

June 20th Thursday

Fine and sunny, worked on engine up to first coat of paint, Peter to deliver offcut steel, made tahini slice, and peanut butter biscuits as well as ravioli tea, watched columbo, red queen

June 19th Wednesday

Fine and sunny no Noel assembled greta, worked on engine, got gas from warragul and cutoff wheels and turps, saw maes toy expo, home for man to deliver metal, not today did sausages in chutney for tea watched hard quiz, the acolyte, qi, and presumed innocent

June 18th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, cool too Belinda did 2 flowers, I did another kooka, did grater Scratchi and started sewing machine engine.and shopped in Drouin and got bags of bird seed, 2 visitors, salmon for tea and Pilates.watched grand designs and gruen

June 17th Monday

Fine day cool at times and sunny, the boys worked on dog on chair and tractor part, I painted dragon and did 2 bases, mowed house block , Adam back, did lasagna for tea watched hard quiz kids, bones and presumed innocent,

June 16th Sunday

Fine and sunny, wrote up some titles cards , finished off welding dragon and painted, made lasagna and changed slowcooker to patties, patties for tea watched spicks and specks, austin and ladies in Black

June 15th Saturday

Cool and fine, shopped in drouin, walked dog, printed pieces from yesterday finished mowing sculpture garden, grind edges of big perspective piece and repaint some of the small boxes. Reading shimmering skies, Home made pizza for tea and watched the story of the who and last two episodes of Fallout

June 14th Friday

Cool and foggy, no showers, working more in gallery, cut up fallen tree ,painted small boxes again Rome to mow and move things and update any unclear signs on sculptures, printed writeups for sculptures, had small group from Ns college to look at possible ideas for sculptures,did pasta and chips for tea, watched the fake hit man and columbo

June 13th Thursday

Cool and fine  M out minding theo Rome worked on his own owl I worked on dragon went to get fuel for mower shopped briefly, 4 visitors including jesse and Russell Lilford did sausages and eggs for tea  watched the acolyte, cats and countdown and presumed innocent

June 12th Wednesday

Cool but no real showers no noel, M out minding theo Rome did arc welding basics then made a Kookaburra, I assembled handy man and started on dragon, bases for boxes,made one small different owl  Writers group here ,shopped for food, did a chicken pasta slowcooker thing, watched hard quiz cats countdown and gruen and grand designs

June 11th Tuesday

Showery and cool Rome starts here M out minding theo Belinda did 2 flowers Rome turned spikes for the dragon and a small bowl,I started to make 2 mallee root boxes and tennis girl, did 2 owls shopped for arc welding rods and wire no adam for tea did fish burgers, Pilates bed class, home to watch cats and countdown

June 10th Monday

Fine and cool started all our shimmering skies ,M out minding theo, worked on joining figure to frame and finished off work on engine, Peter worked in shed alone K brought out the kids and we played with them all late morning and arvo, made tuna potato bake for tea, watched bones

June 9th Sunday

Cool and showery fined up to a nice sunny but cool day, work on front of figure, all done, finished the hunter by tana French, 12 people visited did slow cooker chicken curry for tea watched spicks and specks, Austin and abba against the odds

June 8th Saturday

Fine and cool, shopped for gallery opening, helped M tidy gallery Jessies opening at 2.00, about 40 people, Adam did tacos for tea watched the acolyte and die hard 2

June 7th Friday

fine and cool, julieanne to garden, work on covering back of character all done started on front, did chicken skewers and rice for tea watched the acolyte,cats and countdown and

June 6th Thursday

Fine and cool, working on perspective piece and engine got character outline done and engine mostly assembled, made 2 sets of biscuits pumpkin lasagna for tea watched grand designs,the cleaner and fallout and adam hills

June 5th Wednesday

Fine and cool a touch warmer than yesterday, I finished lets give a big hand and started train engine and goat, M off minding Eleanor again, writers group here, cooked spanakopita biscuits and pumpkin Lasagna shopped in Drouin, tea at country club, home to hard quiz and gruen

June 4th Tuesday

Fine and cool, Belinda did 2 flowers and fixed up smallish spider, I did cow dozer and small flowers, 2 visitors and wayne visited, M off minding Eleanor, Send out email for Jessies exhibition soup for tea and toasted chicken and cheese pilates floor, home to watch treasures of bulgaria

June 3rd Monday

Cool  showers, Ms car to go in, then to mind Eleanor due to feeling off colour, finished cleaning up big perspective piece, cut out a series of small projects, Jodie Finger for lunch , talked to 4 picked up M did chicken kiev for tea, watched Jim Henson Doco and Bones

June 2nd Sunday

Mild fine showers at times, shopped in Drouin, worked on other side of perspective piece did small angle cat, reading the hunter Tana French, M took Ralph back to calebs after a few ralph accidents at night, did a few write ups, delivery of wood quiche and chicken skewers for tea watched last 3 episodes of bodkin,

June 1st  Saturday

Cloudy, mild maybe showers, updated website, Jessie painted for a couple of hrs, reading stone town, 4 visitors,  work on other side of perspective big piece, sold goblet, trampoline and another small piece, had pie and folded wraps for tea, watched page 8 movie and cats countdown

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