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May 31, 2024

May diary

May diary

Friday May 31st

Fine and sunny cloudy and showers at night, worked on perspective piece, all together one side,reading stonetown, Me and M went to Helens exhibition at Was Gallery, aldi shopping, Pie for tea watched bodkin,

Thursday May 30th

Cloudy but mild rain later Jessie sets up exhibition and ross takes down exhibition, take adam to job seeker, M chases kids in arvo made wraps and sausages folded, pumpkin quiche no adam, watched atlas movie Jennifer lopez quite good, then Qi

Wednesday May 29th

Fine and sunny made 2 daffodils and finished birdbath, did another birdbath dish,  did chicken skewers for tea finished Horse book, very good, watched fallout,hardquiz, Qi

Tuesday May 28th

Fine and sunny mild we have ralph for 5 days, did 3 frogs, started another birdbath and 2 daffodils, delivered Bust to Yinnar, M went to Pakenham to pick up Ralph medicine, then off to take kids to assorted things, I do wraps for tea Take adam to art, Pilates, watched shardlake

Monday May 27th

Fine and sunny, did 3 kookas and 1 frog ,started another birdbath, bought and collected metal from longwarry, did chicken enchiladas for tea, watched last 2 episodes of white lies and 1 bones

Sunday May 26th

Fine and sunny, tidy up casting area , might do some casting ( no) wrote up 3 write ups for pieces.cut up material for kookaburras and frogs, did spaghetti for tea watched 2 episodes of white lies

Saturday May 25th

Fine and sunny, shopped , can drive again,laminated write ups, worked on finishing character girl, Justin and Rome came and visited, Simon Baxter and Mandy came and picked up arch, made spinach and cheese puff pastries for part of tea and did lamb patties, watched 2 episodes of silent witness, and Gruen

Friday May 24th

Fine and mild cloudy, Julieanne to garden, chase up aami money,( took 2 hours waiting on line) visit dr to get dressing off and clear out ear again , set fire to pile, did chicken rissoles for tea , watched beachboys and fallout and Qi

Thursday May 23rd

Fine and mild, worked on assembling bird in ring, bronzed swimmer, worked on finishing big landscape piece, did a bit on new girl piece, Ross brought 2 people , nap, made cake and did leg of lamb for tea M chased kids in arvo watched cats and countdown, bodkin

Wednesday May 22nd

Fine and sunny, Noel finished his guitar , Nicki sore back, I did bird in ring, started character using car part, did base for seal pup, and welded mountains to landscape piece,M to dentist, M to chase kids at end of day, I do pasta bake with ricotta, watched hard quiz white lies and a day at aldi

Tuesday May 21st

Coolish but fined up Belinda did 2 flowers, I did bike wheel platter using up pieces on the bench and also young seal using an old foot last added to landscape piece, assembled last bits of order, did coconut drops chicken wraps for tea, Took adam to and from art class, Pilates watched I literally just told you

Monday May 20th

Fine and mild cool at times the boys worked on chook and rocket stove, I added to landscape piece and assembled keeping it in perspective ,did patak curry for tea watched bones, M rang Emily and K, also watched treasures of azerbaijan

Sunday May 19th

Cool and showery, worked at finishing off football player, added to cat in perspective, painted base pieces, turned acorn started Cinderella, painted puzzle pieces,printed off 4 small piece writeups and laminated, did lasagna for tea.watched open range, Britain by the book and creative types

Saturday May 18th

Fine and sunny, shop for groceries and paint, work on small characters for third part of order, finished the farmer and the golfer and assembled the footballer, painted bases of bigger pieces, snitzel for tea, Adam is back watch 2 episodes of silent witness and wilty

Friday May 17th

Cooler and cloudy maybe showers later, work on second part of project finishing characters and assembling ,nap cooked pasta bake for tea and a pineapple cake, M chased kids at end of day Rained, pasta tea, watched last red eye,Miss willloughby  movie( mediocre) and white lies.

Thursday May 16th

Fine and sunny, work on part one of three parts tidy up and finish characters in shed and assemble, one part of 3 part project mostly done, Grading road edges out front, went shopping in warragul and M off to take kids to afterschool activities. made lentil pie thing, fine watched dr who, red eye and qi

Wednesday May 15th

Fine and sunny, mowed sculpture garden, Busload of Drouin Probus 25 people, writers group, Tim dropped in for lunch and to offer scrap, I mowed house block as M went off to chase her grandkids, cooked jam drops and irish scones did sausages in soup for tea watched sugar, hard quiz, who do you think you are,

Tuesday May 14th

Fine and mild day Restless night  Belinda did 2 flowers and added her big spider to the web, I made parts of order ( 5 small characters and jig saw bits) Wayne dropped in M off to take kids all sorts of places, back for tea then Pilates got petrol for mower watched fallout and qi

Mon May 13th

Fine and sunny, the boys worked on a star stake remover and a chook, I made 3 small pieces, did slow cooker chicken for tea watched last 3 body problem, redeye and bodkin

Sunday May 12th

Mothers day, M off to pancake breakfast at her daughters k’s, I add joining parts to arch,5 people visited Caleb and Em down for lunch. Nap, watched creative types Tom Gleeson,3 body problem

Saturday May 11th

Fine and mild, did second part of arch, Julieanne gardened read last of crimson lake series, Adam cooked tea, watched 2 episodes of silent witness then Qi

Friday May 10th

Rained over night but a cool fine day, M came and got me shopped a bit on way home, then M had to chase kids in after school,3 people visited and bought bust and heads will roll ,I finished book did pasta mince bake for tea watched Barbie movie, entertaining

Thursday May 9th

Cloudy and mild, off to Mulgrave to upgrade pacemaker,drop off girl with flowers at Pakenham. Watched abba doco at night went to sleep 8.00

Wednesday May 8th

Fine and sunny, No Noel, Painted big piece with penetrol, cut up and bent parts of mandys arch, One side mostly finished, watched last shogun, M picked up and delivered kids, did garlic chicken watched 3 body problem, hard quiz and white lies

Tuesday May 7th

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers, I worked on assembling circle part of big piece, all on, did putanesca spaghetti, very tasty, watched white lies, the gentlemen last, and 3 body problem

Monday May 6th

Fine and sunny after cloudy start, did second side of welding of second part, Tony started a chook and pete worked on rocket stove connection,Marg Baldassa came and picked up trees in the landscape and bought bird brain too, M feeling better today , M talked to Stephen, did tuna muffins watched bit of wilty, creative types with Warwick thornton,

Sunday May 5th

Fine and sunny M feeling poorly, flu type symptoms, I worked on second half of big piece, cut down perimeter and found all off fill in parts, reading the seven, 3 visitors did tuna muffins for tea, watched 3 body problem and the gentlemen

Saturday May 4th

Fine and sunny, drs appt 9.45, reading paper, shopping, tidy gallery for opening for Ross Vanner,about 20 people there, did frozen pizza for tea, watched 2 episodes of silent witness

Friday May 3rd

Fine and sunny, work on finishing first c and add hinges to fire screen,to Berwick to hear report on latest scan,all ok, back home no adam, did chicken skewers for tea, watched bones, elephants in Thailand, redeye, M talked to David

Thursday May 2nd

Fine and sunny, finished cat in window piece, mowed sculpture garden 2 visitors, drs for blocked ears, made coconut biscuits, sausages for tea no adam, watched treasures of oman, the new look,cats countdown

Wednesday May 1st

Fine and sunny, Noel and Nicki here, I covered back of first c with plasmacut offcuts, Noel worked on guitar, Nicki used the angle grinder, writers group had Jim write of local history as well as much else, I did a sketch, M did bills and banking, ( added to website, nap, book group tea discussing someone elses shoes, home to watch Qi and wilty

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