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January 31, 2024

work done 2024


Work done May

Big pieces:started perspective, embracing landscape, even

Little pieces:loads of character bird flat in ring, bronzed swimmer, seal pup,bike wheel platter, keeping it in perspective,cat in perspective, Cinderella,

Garden art: 2 daffodils, Birdbath, 4 frogs, 3 kookas,

Orders: jigsaw pieces and characters, 3 characters barbed wire ball and name plate, mandys arch, finished firescreen


Work done April

Big pieces: started crossed c’s, did girl and ball, finished badge,

Small pieces: kelpie, girl with flowers, bluebird, red bird, redbird on redgum, playing redbirds, house on ladder, snail house, house sitting, negative gearing, cat profile, alphabet bird, holder, grinder dog/cat, song and dance, feathered flight

garden art : 3 birdfeeders, 2 dragonflies , 6 birds on sticks, 26 flowers, 2 pelicans

orders : juttas letterbox, did most of firescreen, 2 fish seat

work done March

 Big pieces: cruciform flower

Little pieces: trampoline, ring bird, fish eye lens, girl in line and trees in landscape, over the shoulder tippy toes and paws out,sleepy puppy,cows next door, magician, toro, night landscape, desert birds, the cellist, desert birds, 2 flower vases from oxy bottle, 2 bracing birds birds and clouds in ring, and girl among the flowers,vase with copper flower,

Garden art:3 dogs 1 bird( emu) and 4 chooks, big flower from bracing strap,

Orders: double birdfeeder, fish seat and dragonfly seat.reconditioned white seat,



Big pieces:skipping girl

Little pieces,Vase with 2 flowers,starry landscape, the old kite flier, nose to nose master of letters, star dreamer

Garden art:5 birds, 12 flowers, 2 dogs

 Orders: 3 blue wrens, dog letterbox, mailbox man


Work done January

Big pieces:Sticks and stones, Clef

Little pieces: ring bird 1 and 2, abstract landscape, Yee Hah, small dancer, pinecone fly and pc bug, pinecone juggler, 2 shoeboxes, speedy,

Garden art:, 3 birds ,3 Pelicans

 Orders: Calebs couple ,Dragonfly seat, started mailbox man, , sausage dog mailbox, lisas dragonfly seat,blue wren


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