Visit the Red Tree Gallery & Laurie Collins Sculpture Garden! 420 MAIN JINDIVICK ROAD, JINDIVICK, VIC 3818
January 31, 2024

work done 2024



Big pieces:skipping girl

Little pieces,Vase with 2 flowers,starry landscape, the old kite flier, nose to nose master of letters, star dreamer

Garden art:5 birds, 12 flowers, 2 dogs

 Orders: 3 blue wrens, dog letterbox, mailbox man

Work done January

Big pieces:Sticks and stones, Clef

Little pieces: ring bird 1 and 2, abstract landscape, Yee Hah, small dancer, pinecone fly and pc bug, pinecone juggler, 2 shoeboxes, speedy,

Garden art:, 3 birds ,3 Pelicans

 Orders: Calebs couple ,Dragonfly seat, started mailbox man, , sausage dog mailbox, lisas dragonfly seat,blue wren


Laurie Collins

03 5628 5224
420 Main Jindivick Road, Jindivick VIC 3818
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