April diary

April diary

April 30th Sunday,

glorious day, got paper did dreadnaught, also dangling circles and bird and magnetic nut bowl, assembled piano frame and put in strings, took adam to dr, to library, to merv, to steve lavalley, home to finish up work,2 people visited, fish and chip tea picked up adam from warragul.watched who do you think you are brooke shields and Picard and modern family

April 29th Saturday

Fine and sunny, dog to dog  park, put up all themis’ lables.tried to do website  worked on frame for piano strings, all welded and one coat of paint, picked up adam from train,did corned beef for tea watched Luthor movie

April 28th Friday

Mild and cloudy, showers about at the end of the day, went and did blood test,home to work on frame for piano strings, Themis and 2 others here worked out titles with Themis,nap,printed off titles, fixed freezer shelves, play with mae in afternoon,bought 5 mm rod, shop, home chicken curry for tea.watched ghosted and modern family

April 27th Thursday

Fine and sunny, change expected, Julieanne gardened, Themis to set up show, move pedestals, revitalized about 6 pedestals, painted, nailed put boards on bottom, helped Kyesha and Themis set up show, 2 people visited then 14 on bus, finished reading lessons in chemistry, did sausages for tea, watched hard quiz and traces and young sheldon

April 26th Wednesday

Fine and sunny spectacular, Noel did a sausage dog, art group comes to take down exhibition, (180 seen show,) Writers group did meeting, I did dog, finished pelican cut up1 pallet,started on cleaning up piano strings frame and started sorting box of assorted stuff, pick up theo and take to music, family meat pie for tea, M talked to em, watched ted lasso, modern family reading lessons in chemistry

April 25th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, spectacular, bit lightheaded, Belinda did 2 flowers, happy about her dads operation,I finished 2 small vases before Belinda came, did 2 big birds and started a pelican , the did a lockerkey flower in a vase and a bird above board piece, Norm came and cleaned windows , 4 people came and bought 2 paintings and 2 kookas on branches, 2 naps mowed across rd , did chicken legs and rice for tea, watched modern family, traces and cats does countdown.

April 24th Monday

Fine and sunny, spectacular day, M to mind mae all day, the boys minus tony, norm did another kangaroo and pete did more on plant stand, I did 2 small vases and prepared 2 others, talked to helen and paid over money, took adam to station and got petrol and shopping, nap, lamb koftas for tea watched modern family, the night agent, young Sheldon and bones.,

April 23rd Sunday

Mild and grey Lachlan coming to work on anvil, finish sorting one bin, Open studios,about 30 people, saw sue O, tahlia Leggett, wayne and dalene,attached drawers to wall, started small vases and did 7 flowers, Adam left to go somewhere for the day, back again at night, did wraps for tea, watched murder on the homefront, bit slow and wooden

April 22nd Saturday

Mild and grey, fixed open studios sign, tidied up, started sorting more of screws, about 40 people came 700 in sales, Grace, Liz godwin and Josh, lots of others, Caleb took adam to sort his car and then to get stuff from storage in wonthaggi, M got pizza for tea, watched Picard, modern family and hard quiz, all stuffed

April 21st Friday

Mild and grey, mowed house and top of sculpture garden, took adam to centre link, got computer fixed,shopped at aldi, Marilyn picked up seat, picked up flag for tomorrow tea at family hotel for ks birthday home to watch the big door prize.

April 20th Thursday

Fine and sunny, mowed parts of sculpture garden, expected bus group but no, shelly and simon came for morning tea and stayed a while, I took adam up to get medical attention to finger $90, did chicken burgers on a plate for tea, watched ted lasso, the Mandalorian and modern family

April 19th  Wednesday

Showery and cool, M off to help with kids while k takes theo to dentist, no Noel worked on 2 small pieces,6 visitors sausages for tea ,went an picked up adam from side of bloomfield road, back in bus

April 18th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, M to help with kids while K has 2 phone interviews re kids, took  them to park, Belinda did 2 flowers, peter goes for operation today, I worked on motorbike and painted, also did west wind, Wayne called in, Chanette and tim price to visit in late arvo lovely catching up, so switched on, Gozleme for tea Pilates floor class, then watched van der valk

April 17th Monday

Fine and sunny, the boys worked on engine block table, birdstand and plant stand, I finish off welding back of frame for piano strings, did a bit more on motorcycle and started turning some small ball forms, 2 small bus groups 12  bought paintings and cards and a cat, Tim dropped in after lunchnap did loin lamb chops for tea watched the Mandalorian, bones Qi and modern family.

April 16th Sunday

Rained all night and showers during day, No visitors, picked up paper, took dog to community garden, wrote up some sculptures, finished off small vase from bench, started on frame for piano strings, went out to Drouin family hotel and met Ian and Jeannie Haughton, home to watch Tetris and Ted Lasso both excellent

April 15th Saturday

Fine day but cloudy, mild,got paper, took dog to dog park talked to girl who worked at Martin, mowed sculpture garden, 6 visitors, worked on finishing the right note( harmony),did a bit of sorting, spaghetti for tea watched the night agent, traces and

April 14th Friday

Fine and sunny,beautiful autumn day, m went to help K sort stuff,I delivered painting and sculpture to Cadzows, Took michelle to fisher rd for bush walk came home, I modified thinking piece, added red disc to the old gods, started on musical piece, fixed mower belt, mowed across rd, 2 family groups(4 ) lunch nap, visited simone and Jason, re lathe, dropped off stuff at rgm, bought a new petrol container at supercheap,bird food at YGH, picked up dog medicine, petrol for container, home for another nap, chicken honey mustard for tea watched Lydia poet,

April 13th Thursday

Cool and dry, finish too big for the house worked on dragon most of morning, 4 visitors, sorted stuff from bucket, did green curry for tea, watched hard quiz, auntie donna, Lydia poet and young sheldon

April 12th Wednesday

Cool and showery, Noel back again did a frog, I welded face in hand together and some on too big for the house, picked up flat bar from Martin,writer group at gallery(3) M takes em home, Shopped, did tuna pasta for tea and tuna balls, watched ted lasso,great Australian stuff,

April 11th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did boat form for top of big piece and started 2 smallish pieces, chased up appt in afternoon,2 visitors, snitzel for tea, Pilates, watched modern family and poet.

April 10th Monday

Better than yesterday but still wintery, filled in both edge sides of big piece, the boys did a generator trolley, a kangaroo and a bit of a birdcage, read end of wyatt butterfly in arvo and nap, 10 visitors, did beef chow mein for tea

April 9th Sunday

Better than yesterday  but still cold and showery, finished welding second piece of new sculpture and joined together, about 8 visitors, M went and got em who did some tidying in shed, fish and chip tea and watched  Lydia poet, modern family and wellmania

April 8th Saturday

Showers and cold all day, went and got papers at Drouin, walked dog at dog park talked to melissa and John Tyrell there went to aldi and bought stuff, home to finish welding first piece and start on second piece, 2 visitors then Phil and annie and anita in arvo, did pasta and meat sauce for tea watched the night agent and the mandalorian and Lydia poet

April 7th Friday

Rained overnight but a mild and fine day, Don and Pauli coming for lunch,set up new saw,  finished off one side of big piece and did part of other side of first piece, talked to D and P M did eggs on toast for tea after BBQ lunch, watched the portable door, ok

April 6th Thursday

Fine and sunny to begin,M has day off,I assembled offcut mirror and hung up seahorse, assembled the three kookas on pieces of robinia, started the next big piece, 1 frame done and ½ of one side welded, bought more flat bar, penetrol, belts and a new mitre saw to replace the ryobi, did sausage rolls in air cooker for tea, watched last pokerface and the mandalorian

April 5th Wednesday

Mild and foggy, work on butterflys did 3 small kookas, get wood for seat , metal from martin, take theo to music, bookclub dinner at golf club, K has PT night but is crook, finished a winter grave by peter may, home to watch griffs Canadian adventure

April 4th Tuesday

Fine and mild sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks, I finish rooster, did 2 birds finished all metal and painting of rose seat went to Warragul to swap over mig bottle, M to help with kids at end of day, snitzel for tea as wraps , Pilates mat class, watched night agent and young sheldon

April 3rd Monday

Fine and mild, coolish to begin, laundry door to be installed, the boys worked on a kookaburra a kangaroo and plant stand,I started seat and rooster and also ring of offcuts maybe a mirror,Tony had metal in his eye last week, michelle and stuart arrived on motorbike, after lunch I had a nap and vacuumed,dawn and linda fixed bits in exhibition, did fish and dim sims for tea watched bones, picard and daisy jones, phone call from K

April 2nd Sun

Fine and sunny, cool to begin, Julianne gardened, tidied gallery finished grinding seahorse,  Opening of warragul art group,about 25 people including Jo Hicks,1 hr nap, M got pizza for tea, watched van der valk and ted lasso

April 1st Sat

Cool , worked on back of seahorse, M helped k buy shoes for kids, shopped,9 visitors including judy and john Farmer who dropped off bird books, 2 naps  did sausages for tea, watched true lies and if these walls could sing

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