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I did this piece at the end of 2023 as something to make that was not an order. I had done lots of orders over this month especially and although I had done a few small pieces I wanted to do a biggish piece. It was originally going to be an abstract form filled with "junk" but the outside form was so organic it really called out for something reflecting the natural world. I had just had two large leaves returned to me as they took away from the flower form so these were called on immediately and as I had done a series of three layered corten flowers for the original flowers I thought to repeat them again but add other plant form s to it as well. I hadn't done a sunflower for years so that was part of it and I had done three small birds which ended up on three separate sculptures including this one. The touches of colour are from old oil drums and car panels and it all came together quite happily.

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Laurie Collins

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