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Big Head


The big head( resting) was the major piece for my collection for the art teachers art exhibition. I was very pleased with it.I seem to like big things. I have made a big dog, a big bird, a big junk face and now I am doing another big face although this time made up of panels. I saw a lovely head piece which was a table sculpture and I loved the simplicity of it. I decided to try to do my own version but make it bigger and using a process I felt happy with I made a metal frame and then set about covering it with panels. It took 4 and � days and was quite tiring and challenging and I think the end result is just fine. I like the egg like back which suggest origins, rocks, industrial forms etc. And I also like the big face on the "front". I like its balance in mid air� well slightly off the floor and its symmetry suggest peacefulness. I am happy with it and I hope it appeals to you too�. Oh Colour� well silver and brown and a bit of black of course!

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