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This piece was made for a show called the journey. The journey in this piece is �up�. I guess we all regard up as being positive and we work through life to achieve a �higher state�. In this piece several characters are tackling the climb. It�s a challenge! One has made it� through the junk and into the light. There is pride expressed in the stance..and the pose is balanced and not striving anymore.
One is climbing, and the chain that gives him a leg up has symbolic possibilities as well, suggesting there are some paths that are easier than others, there is a community that helps provide direction( someone attached the chain) and that we all can help each other on the way
My �sun� can be interpreted as a symbol of enlightenment, a religious symbol which must be worked through or an outmoded remnant of a past civilization.
The bird suggests another way altogether of reaching what ever you desire by a very different path and it is a reminder that the natural world does not necessarily follow our paths or requirements

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