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I looked to enter a sculpture show at Rutherglen and researched a bit of the history of the area. I was lead to the lovely work of Tommy Mcrae, an Aboriginal artist living around the turn of last century. In reading of his life I was impressed by his character and the privations he suffered as well as his lovely drawings. I wanted to make a piece that had echoes of the past and looked through my pile for objects that could have had some suggestion of activities and technology of the past 100 years or so. I decided to also include my interpretation of some of Tommy’s drawings , in part as a homage to him and also as a suggestion that there are elements of our history that we often overlook. The circle is an old wheel rim and I hope that the elements I have included do suggest the distance we have come .as we move into the future.I love the fact that our art still can speak to the future long after we have died and I am glad to have “met” Tommy

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