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Earth( element)
I did these pieces for a show at Lockhart ( NSW) which had a theme of elementsThere are traditionally 5 elements in history�Earth, air/wind, fire, water and Ether.
I have chosen to stay with 4 of these and added one more which is "life".
�"Earth"( garbage dump)
In this piece I have shown a blackened earth landscape with a sun above. The landscape forms are made from metal "junk" which is meant to symbolize the lack of care many of us have shown for the actual land.
It can be taken as a depopulated landscape with the metal forms being reabsorbed back into nature.
I have been reading "the road" by Cormac McCarthy and his depiction is of a post apocalyptic world with just a few human remnants and this could be part of the inspiration for this piece.
I am always amazed that the most mundane objects, bolts, bits of scrap metal, when arranged in one of my pieces have a beauty beyond themselves. To a degree this was also present after the "black Saturday " bush fires when the traditional green cover was gone but the blackened trunks and grey land had a very different beauty.

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