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A version of this piece was entered for a prize where sport and art were contrasted. It hasn�t had much of an outing and I thought the imagery was appropriate for this show.

In looking at art, one is taken by representations of beauty, often in the female form. The ballet has been a source of artistic inspiration from at least the time of Degas. The grace of the ballet dancers I feel is echoed in the grace that occurs in many a netball game, although finding any representations of this in the arts is usually an impossible task. In many sports and especially Australian sports such as AFL and Netball, grace and beauty occur in every game along with energy and striving and much of the whole human drama.
My piece is a small acknowledgement of the beauty achieved by this sport as a byproduct to the aim of the game. We often overlook the beauty of the everyday as we search for what is special and this is also reflected in the materials I have chosen for this piece.

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