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We all feel as though we will live forever at times but usually this is not the case.”Impermanence” is made from a group of pieces that sat in the pile for a while. Sometimes it works like that…. pieces just suggest an arrangement and often I will subconsciously create. I had seen a piece on the internet where there was a turned form inside a tree trunk and I thought I could do something similar … but wood inside steel I like the idea of impermanence when several of the elements here almost say we are going to be here forever as they are so solid and heavy….. but of course they are not and the rust on the wheel, the downward slide of the spiral, and the texture on the red-gum suggest this. The wheel can suggest the “wheel of life” and this also helps it fit with the red-gum and other pieces. I think it will outlive me but a time will come.

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