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This was the piece for the inspired exhibition at Heritage Hill in Dandenong. The topic was unlimited possibilities and the topic was given on Friday evening and to be handed in on Sunday Morning. It was to reflect the multi cultural nature of Dandenong and this was the first time I have combined steel with paper. Its relatively obvious but I like it.I dismantled it and made about 6 different pieces with the ladders.
The ladders are the legs of the piece and each ladder is individual signifying the different cultures of the world converging on Australia. Each ladder has rungs that have odd problems signifying the journey has not always been straightforward. One ladder alone will not support the form of the country , and really the more ladders the more stable we are. On the ladders after each has reached� Australia� are the butterflies signifying that they don�t need ladders anymore and are free to develop their own possibilities as they will. The colour is on the butterflies expressing the individuality of the culture and yet they are still part of the whole

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