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Landscape (Remodified)


I saw a lovely necklace somewhere which was just a bare tree form and I thought that this would be a fine thing to develop into one of my pieces. The proportions are different and I added the sun for colour and the background mountains as I feel this gives the piece a greater life than just the tree form alone. The tree form still standing is such a strong symbol that it appeals to me on all sorts of levels. I used to be a woodworker and I was often torn between the beauty of the weathered form and what treasures of colour and texture could reside within it. I have a beautiful weathered fence post at my home which a friend gave me to cut up but the texture and outside form is so beautiful I could not bear it..Hence it still resides standing outside my shed! I modified this piece at the start of 2012 by adding the rocks as a base and moving the sun and adding leaves. It has more resonance as a tree recovering from a fire than just a dead tree. sold Jan 2015

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