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Marilyn's Child


This piece was originally aimed at another exhibition called the �cult of personality� but I missed the due date.
I thought about those people who were well known personalities of the last century and I came up with Mao, Hitler and Marilyn Monroe.
It takes a bit to see through the cult of beauty and we are surrounded by images of the perfect everyday. It probably is great if you can match the perfect images in some way, but it is hard to deal with self image when you are not �perfect�.
I have seen that being valued only for your beauty has its own problems. ( I fortunately have not had to contend with this) and I have admiration for people who can break through being labeled as �beautiful and nothing more �. At the same time I feel it is such a problem in our society that our kids are being sexualized earlier and earlier so that I felt this little piece at least is my small comment on it. The �ground� is the silhouette of Marilyn in her dress blowing up picture and the rest is in relation to this.
The up aspect �� mmm, don�t know but I wanted this piece to have an airing.

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