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Rain Girl


My friend Grant showed me a book where another sculptor used steel wool as smoke and I had the idea of using it also. This is the second �Rain girl� but this one has a red umbrella.
I was talking with a gallery owner at Art Melbourne and she commented that a bit of colour would really add to my work and another artist nearby( Annie Glass) said she would love a rain girl with a red umbrella. ( I had thought of doing this myself anyway!)
I love the fact that she has not only her own umbrella but her own cloud. I think we all suffer from this at times and hopefully we all have something as cheery as a red umbrella to hold off the rain
I love where we get these words from so hence: Umbrella is another synonym for the term parasol, which was first used as a protection against the scorching heat of the sun, "para" meaning stop or shield and "sol" meaning sun. The word "umbrella" has evolved from the Latin "umbella" (and "umbel" is a flat-topped rounded flower) or "umbra," meaning "shaded.
Parasols were used in ancient persia and In Greece, the parasol (skiadeion), was an indispensable adjunct to a lady of fashion in the late 5th century BC. Aristophanes mentions it among the common articles of female use; they could apparently open and close

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