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READ (2009)


More language confusion! Is this Read( reed) or Read(red).
Another idea for using a box format but I had already done it with redder. I felt we needed something to do with reading as part of the exploration of the word red and this piece evolved. I like the idea that you could see the box as just shapes but really you do try to �read � them!

I bought a new plasma cutter to do the letters and made the big box form. It looked very static though and I thought it would be better to be associated with a book. ( where to put it on top or underneath?). On top meant that you couldn�t see the form very well and underneath suggests the form growing from the book.
Still the piece looked static and it was only by playing with the shape ( could I put this on a bike axle too?) that I arrived at what I think is a practical and effective composition.
Happy reading.

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