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The Big 4


I went to see the Vienna exhibition at the National Gallery and there was a lovely( actually quite battered and ugly), box with the number 4 in the middle. Very neat .I thought and as I had just been playing with my �5� piece it suggested itself as a possible sculpture. I seem to have made it bigger than ever.. It needs 2 wheels as bases and the colour I have painted the 4 reflects that the number in the gallery was on a blue box�mind you it was more a navy blue!. Again what does it mean.?. I do like to have meaning of some sort�well we live in a world dominated by numbers, stock markets, computer codes, budgets yet the form of the numbers we use for our calculations is often overlooked�It�s a bit hard to overlook this piece and possibly you might have your own relationship to 4.. it has lots of resonance with squares�lots of symmetry although this one is anything but��.( it is a square,2 by 2.. and it also means 4 sides of a box!)

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