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The Girls


another pair of girls... stones inside and mesh and steel.. going off to Tessellar sculpture in the tulips show.
Earlier this year I did 2 girl sculptures based on Monet’s paintings. I was trying to interpret themes and ideas done in the past by the great artists. These sculptural girls are from no famous paintings but from poses in common magazines. In reinterpreting them into a different medium and also losing some elements such as faces I am allowing the viewer to appreciate the basic shape and form. The feminine form has been a subject for ever and the idea of making pieces which will stand in a garden setting is really a just a modern continuation of this idea. Also the medium of steel and recycled concrete has its own speckly beauty as the concrete gives a wonderful lacy feel at complete odds with the substance of the material. Having two parts to the sculpture also allows the owner a degree of interaction with the pieces and they can be positioned in a variety of ways

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