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The Greatest Mystery


This piece was initially done as my entry into the �He who explores� exhibition. I thought about what I had explored in my life and I concluded that my greatest exploration was about my relationship with women. I was an only child and went to an all boys� school and I did not know many girls growing up. Hence I had to go through trying to decipher lots of the junky messages that were around during those times about the role of women.
As a result I created this piece with lots of little characters fighting their way through the junk to finally reach their goal of arriving at an appreciation of women. I still can�t say I have it completely right, but does anyone?
The piece was not accepted for the exhibition (hence my grumpy looking photo) but I felt it was appropriate to the theme for this exhibition.
(Some of the little characters were recycled from some pieces I made for an exhibition titled �greetings�)

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