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The Letter


This was for the biblio art show at Blarney Books Pt Fairy. I had the book( �These are my people��. Alan Marshall) and used this to make images from it.
I met Alan Marshall once�actually he came to my school and my English teacher was a friend of his. Hence I was interested in another of his books (� I can jump Puddles �is his most famous) .
In this story Alan describes how he and his wife go on a caravan journey through out Victoria to collect letters from people on the land to send off to the soldiers serving overseas during the Second World War.
I have made two sculptures based on this story. The first is this one which shows a farmer giving a letter to Alan for him to transmit to the farmer�s son overseas. As this is the main focus of the story I thought I should at least do one based on this aspect.
In searching for a suitable image to attach to this sheet I found a print by Rick Amor based on the description of the caravan!

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