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Weight of the World


This was for the exhibition art teachers art exhibition , every other colour. Still playing with colour and I wanted a piece which had most of the rainbow colours in it, ROYGBIV and then I thought really there are other colours than just the rainbow colours and Indigo? Well why not brown!
So having decided to use a range of colours I decided on this form.
In this case I wanted a world form and characters representing different colours/ races supporting it. I chose not to put them all at the bottom ( as what is up in world terms!) but rather across the middle. The characters don�t seem to be struggling too much. Some seem to even be having fun and I see this as representing our continual complaining about seemingly trivial things�making a big thing of it but really in the scheme of things really being quite well off.
One of my friends interpreted it as having to do with Gay pride with the rainbow being a symbol of the gay movement but I don�t feel it is that� although if that�s what you read � then fine.
I am enjoying this form of construction where I work almost in 2-D as it allows pieces not to be too heavy and I do like the shadows created

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